Balding baby
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My Child Is Rubbing Her Hair Off

My sweet loving babe was born with a lot of precious hair. However, her head currently looks like this:

Balding baby

What in the heck?

If I’m only allowed to have my baby sleep on her back, then someone tell me right now how I can prevent her from rubbing off all her hair! Oh, and the best part? She’s started sleeping on her side, too, and now the hair on the sides of her head are rubbing off as well!

Um, excuse me, but the last thing I want is for the ladies of this house to be bald! Anyone have any suggestions or advice to help my poor wee one?

1 thought on “My Child Is Rubbing Her Hair Off”

  1. You needn't to get in trouble, the same happened to my son. But after a few months, your son will have much hair again, but it will be a little bit stronger. This soft baby-hair is unfortunately only for babies :/
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