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Eyeglasses And Nose Pads

Remember when I told you how my nose pad fell off of my glasses? Well, the other nose pad fell off. And now I’ve developed a sort of a soft callus where one of the screws from my frames is hitting me near my nose.

Maybe it’s time for a new pair of glasses, right? Wrong.

That would be the smart, easy and practical thing to do (my husband is constantly asking me when I’m gonna get a new pair). But nooo, I don’t do “easy”. I have to be a rebel when it comes to my glasses (can you read the sarcasm?). Instead of doing what every normal human being would do, I devised an even better solution: WAX EAR PLUGS!

Nose Pads

That’s right. I MacGyver’ed myself a coupla nose pads for my glasses. And if your nose pads fall off, hey, no worries! Just go to the store, buy some wax ear plugs (any color you prefer – personalize it), pinch off what you need and stick it on the little nose pad arms. Presto, Change-o: Homemade Nose Pads! Wouldn’t this be fun as a tutorial…?

Now, don’t be alarmed; I don’t wear my glasses in public. The thought of showing up at the grocery store with these bulbous wax globs on my face embarrasses me. But apparently not embarrassed enough that I can’t post on the internet.

Okay, maybe next time I’ll get this handy dandy glasses repair kit or just a set of these replacement nose pads instead of using my awesome wax configuration.

Fine. I’ll call my optometrist for an appointment.

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