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Sleep Posting

People. The day has finally come: I am posting this in my sleep. Well, I’m not really sleeping since I’m typing this, but kind of, because I’m typing this with one eye closed and the other eye at half-mast…

If you didn’t know, my baby girl is now three months old (yay!). And for three months now, I have been awake (boo!). I think I’ve hit a wall, people. I’ve hit it hard. I’m clumsy from the fatigue, loopy from the sleeplessness, and the expression on my face is locked in a perpetual yawn. But that’s all gonna change.

Tonight, I’m gonna do The Sleep. Mommy Time is being put on the back burner till I become a normal human being again. No more catching up on my DVR, no more rummaging my pantry for stray Halloween candy. My habit of “researching” random stuff on Google or Wikipedia? Stopping for a little while. It’s lights out in Las Vegas (when you read this, it’ll be tomorrow, in which case, I hope I slept well!), and I’m going to sleep like it’s going out of style!

Hunger Games Book - "Sleep Posting" by
I will not be reading any books, either.

Good night! (But really, good morning!)


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