Child playing with toys
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A Preschooler And His Toys: An Experiment

Have you experienced this?

Messy room of toys

Toy in the couch

After my family room was ravaged by my son, I wondered about the amount of time it would take him to mess it all up if I put everything away. Sure, I knew it wasn’t gonna be very long – I’ve seen the boy in action – but I, being the curious minded mother that I am, wanted concrete numbers.

So, I thought, “Experiment!”: I was going to time him.

I picked up and put away all his toys, doing my very scientific calculations in my head. And I came to the conclusion that it’d be at least ten minutes before he tore the place up. I snapped a picture of his toys put away neatly in the armoire:

Toys in a bin

Then I began to close the doors. But don’t you know, before the second door could even meet the other, someone was shoving his way in front of me saying, “Mommy, no! I have to play!”

You guys? Zero seconds flat.

Child playing with toys

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