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Forgetting A Special Day

I am a terrible wife: I forgot my husband’s birthday. 

The worst part? If our roles were reversed, I’d most likely be a screeching banshee, cursing and crying, stomping my feet all over the place, wailing over the injustice of bearing a man’s children only to have him forget my birthday.


And the knife twist in the heart? My poor, loving husband sat me down at the end of the evening to communicate calmly, may I add, that he was “a little bothered” that I hadn’t wished him a Happy Birthday.


I cried from the guilt. I owe him. BIG. I’ve added an annual alarm on my phone to remedy this situation. Geesh.

Forgetting A Special Day

My question today:

Have you ever forgotten a birthday or anniversary?
(Someone out there please say “yes” so I don’t feel like a complete idiot here…)


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12 thoughts on “Forgetting A Special Day”

  1. Ohh, wow. I ahhh umm, nope…can't say I have. It is one thing to forget a cousin or someone you never see or talk to. I am sure you feel horrible and I am sorry you have gone through this as I am sure it hurt him a bit. Things happen & life does get busy, maybe you need to step back a little and focus. Hugs to you, I am sure he forgives you!!
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  2. LOL, Rose! It's okay, I think I may be the only wife who forgot her husband's birthday! It still stings! :-( With all the travel we'd been doing for Christmas and finally getting back home, unpacked and settled, my mind malfunctioned from the holiday overload! *sigh* Hopefully he forgives me! And thanks for the hugs, I needed one! ;-)

  3. Unfortunately I never forget a birthday or special date, which is really annoying when I remember an ex-friend or my ex-fiance's b-day & I end up thinking about that person that day. I do think girls take b-days & anni's more seriously than guys. I start talking about b-day plans for myself on June 1st & my b-day isn't till 6-28.
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