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Ethel M Holiday Cactus Garden

And how are you this fine Monday? I hope you all had a great weekend – here’s to a new week!

The husband and I took our little nuggets to look at the Christmas lights at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory – they have a cool cactus garden there that they deck out every year:

Ethel M Canvas Sign - Ethel M Cactus Lights by

Green Ethel M Cactus Lights by

Look! Pretty lights!

Festive Cactus - Ethel M Cactus Lights by

Don’t you just love Christmas time?

Entrance into the garden was free because they probably knew everyone and their mom breaks the bank buying treats in the Gift Shop (Smart, Ethel. Smart.)

And apparently, some of the light displays were in 3-D. We knew something was up when we kept passing people wearing 3-D glasses. However, I didn’t hear any ooh-ing and aah-ing, so maybe the effect didn’t work as well as planned and we didn’t miss out on anything? Selfish, wishful thinking on my part.

3-D Cactus - Ethel M Cactus Lights by

Is THIS in 3-D?

Red Ethel M Cactus Lights by

No matter. We were über festive sipping on our coffees and hot chocolate, all bundled up in our winter coats and hats. Of course, this place being a cactus garden and all, the night wouldn’t have been complete without a certain Monkey Boy poking himself in the mouth trying to “smell” the cacti. Don’t worry, he’s okay – when he drinks water, he only dribbles a little bit.

Cactus Ball - Ethel M Cactus Lights by
Close-up - Ethel M Cactus Lights by


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