Wordless Wednesday

A Cookie You Can Spread?

This is my old boyfriend, Nutella:

He’s a divinely tasty treat. But then I met someone new:

I never met a cookie spread I didn’t like.

If you’ve never had or heard of Speculoos before, the original is by Lotus Bakeries and it’s called Speculoos à Tartiner (See? My love of all things French comes back to haunt me. In a jar.) Imagine, if you will, a spread with a peanut butter consistency and a snickerdoodle or very mild gingersnap flavor. I think it’s what Heaven might taste like.


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2 thoughts on “A Cookie You Can Spread?”

  1. I am literally drooling over here and plotting my visit to Trader Joe's!! It's an hour drive to the nearest one but thinking that may become this pregnant lady's new BFF!!

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