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When Mommy Meets iPhone

I am not the type of person who can focus on two projects at once. The perfectionist in me refuses to do things halfway, so things that I concentrate on in one instance (blogging), fall by the wayside in the next to make room for my “new” thing (iPhone).

Take my blogging ‘come back’. Blogging, commenting, reading regularly – I was starting to get the hang of it all again. And then I got a new cell phone and disappeared. Some of you may have thought I was a goner because of my little one. Some might have thought I was finally getting some sleep. Well, though those sentiments are true, they aren’t the reasons I’ve been gone. Blame my new phone.

iPhone 4S

I’m doing a million gazillion things on it (except writing blog posts), my poor laptop is starting to gather dust! Dreamboat never stood a chance!

Oh, and by “doing a million gazillion things”, I mean this:

iPhone Game App Fashion StoryiPhone Game App - My Town 2iPhone Game App - Top GirliPhone Game App - Bakery Story

Um, yeah.

6 thoughts on “When Mommy Meets iPhone”

  1. I've wanted one ever since the first came out, but couldn't get one until now! But I hear the iPhone 5 is coming out next year! And don't think I'm not gonna want THAT one too! LOL!

  2. In the short time that I've had my phone, I have not experienced any bugs (except for the battery drain problem that Apple is trying to fix). This phone is truly like having a hand held computer! In fact, since getting my phone, I haven't had to get on my laptop because I can do everything I need to (except blog because I like typing on a full keyboard) on it! My old Blackberry, I think after a month into owning it, it was already starting to freeze and bug out. It was so frustrating! If you have a chance to test the iPhone, I suggest you do it. I would DEFINITELY recommend this phone! :-)

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