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A Happy Thanksgiving

It’s 12:30a right now, and it is officially Thanksgiving – Happy Thanksgiving! As we speak, I’ve got one hand holding a horn to my boob pumping milk, my other hand typing this post, and “Gone With The Wind” (my favorite movie) playing on the TV. Multi-tasking is in full effect.

Life is so fantastically good.

A Happy Thanksgiving - 1

I’ve got four sticks of butter coming to room temperature on the counter top, my green bean casserole – ready to bake – in the fridge. My cranberry sauce is done, my stuffing ingredients prepped, and my pumpkin oatmeal cookies are ready to get scooped onto a pan and baked.

Life is good.

A Happy Thanksgiving - 2
All that’s left for me to do is bake the turkey, cook the mashed potatoes and wait for my mom, sister and my sister’s family to arrive from California.

Life is so, so good.

My husband put the smack down on our house this evening, and this place is spotless. He even mopped the floors, you guys. I heart him so.

A Happy Thanksgiving - 3

With my wee babe sleeping on the couch next to me, and Monkey Boy deciding that today was the day he would say, “I love you so, so much Mommy!” somebody over here is not only kicking off the holiday season rocking polar fleece pajama pants, but a full heart, too.

Life is a-MAH-zingly good.

I am so very, very thankful to God for it all: the dirty diapers, my kids’ laughter, watching a “Batman” cartoon for the zillionth time, sugary sweet text messages from HBL, sleepless nights, my Monkey, extra pounds, my HBL, electricity bills, my sweet Baby Girl…

A Happy Thanksgiving - 4

My life is filled with beauty, love, and joy – the stuff that dreams are made of! – and I’m gonna embrace every moment of it. First stop? Thanksgiving Dinner Gluttony.


What are you thankful for? Shout it out from the mountaintops and let me know!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 


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