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Still Obsessed (With All Things French)

I’ve been semi-obsessed with the French and the French way of life since I had to choose my elective language class in junior high. As far as my thirteen-year-old self was concerned, the French had it right.

When I finally got to travel there on my honeymoon, I thought I’d magically turn into a fancy French person as soon as I stepped off the plane. Instead, I was a tourist (?!) who had jet lag and spoke terrible french (“that’s NOT how it sounds when I speak french in my head!”)!

Eiffel Tower - The French by

Inspite of all that, I got to luxuriate in all of that French culture. It was still an amazingly wonderful experience. The next time I visit, I’ll probably do it differently: I’ll see about transforming into a fancy French person during the final descent of the plane ride… LOL!

My question today:

Have you ever dreamed of doing something all your life, but when you finally got to do it, it was not what you expected? 


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