You Say Potato? Oh! I Say Potato! by
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You Say Potato? Oh! I Say Potato!

I used to work as a customer service representative (a lifetime ago), and noticed that a lot of my co-workers would change their accents depending on what region our customers were from. One guy I sat next to would always add a little ‘twang’ when he’d speak to anyone from the South. Another girl I sat next to loved to speak with a New York accent if someone was from New York.

And it got me thinking: do other people change their accents in similar situations?

You Say Potato? Oh! I Say Potato! by
My question today:

Have you ever changed your accent or the way you speak depending on who you’re speaking to?


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3 thoughts on “You Say Potato? Oh! I Say Potato!”

  1. yes! Totally. I consciously lost my Canadian accent shortly after moving to US. It creeps back after talking to my Canadian friends. I also pick up on the southern thing when I'm there. Not so much the twang as the sayings…Fun Friday topic! BTW, are you in the vegas bloggers FB group? would you like to join? Let me know!
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