Thanks For The Mammaries

*This post is a little more on the “graphic” side. Pregnant first time mommies, proceed with caution*

Anything having to do with my boobs these days can be described in two words:


If someone looks at them, I can feel it. If someone talks about them, I can feel it. If someone thinks about them, I can feel it. And generally speaking, the only two people who find my boobs fascinating enough to look/talk/think about on a daily basis are my newborn and my husband.

I’m trying to stick with breastfeeding, as opposed to exclusively pumping (much, much less traumatic for me), but some days the “someone-is-sucking-razor-blades-and-needles-from-my-breasts” feeling is unbearable.

Electric Breast Pump

This is a picture of my best friend.


Did you say no to breastfeeding and pump exclusively or use formula? 

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