“Ashton drake so truly real” (c) teadrinker | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Flickr
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When Dolls Go “Real Life”

When my sister was little, someone gave her a life-sized doll for her birthday. The doll was almost as tall as she was and had those eyes that opened and closed depending on whether it was laying down or not.

Anyway, my sister was afraid of that doll and never wanted to play with it, so my mom just kept it in her closet, still in the box, where my sister wouldn’t have to look at it and freak out.

I never understood why that doll scared my sister… That is, until I saw a picture of those Reborn Dolls:

“Ashton drake so truly real” (c) teadrinker | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Flickr

“Ashton drake so truly real” (c) teadrinker | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Flickr

No. Way.

If there was ever a doll (besides Chucky) that I would be afraid of, this would be it. These dolls look so real, they’re creepy! It seems innocent, all newborn-sleeping-peacefully looking. But I bet once you let your guard down – BAM! You’re dead! At least Chucky had a scar and a receding hairline to give him away.

And that’s why Barbie Dolls are safer. They may give your kid a complex and an eating disorder, but at least you know Barbie won’t murder you in your sleep.

My question today:

Were you afraid of dolls when you were growing up? What was something you were afraid of when you were a child?

(And if you still want to scare yourself more, go ahead and click the following links:)

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