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If You Won the Lottery

In this economy, who doesn’t get a touch concerned about their money? As a result of the recession (are we in the first one or the second one, now? I never know…), my husband and I have been working on being better stewards of our money – which translates into eating out less, going to Starbucks less, and more mindful purchasing.

The other day, I read this article on Time that said if you want to be happy in life, don’t buy more stuff, but to instead go on vacation. I wholeheartedly agree! I’d take a European vacation over shoes and a lux purse any day! Then, of course, I started plotting, “How can I get the Huzz to take me on a European vacation?”


And then my brilliant plan came to me: One of us will have to win the Lottery! See? Setting realistic goals, that is how you get things done.

Derivative of “Lottery Money” (c) Lisa Brewster | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Flickr

My question today:

If you won the Lottery (and already took care of all your debts), what would be the first ‘frivolous’ thing you’d buy?


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4 thoughts on “If You Won the Lottery”

  1. I would buy a bar with a stage so my hubby's band could play there all the time. He's having a hard time getting gigs lately. Nobody is paying. Guess it's the economy, and first I would pay off my house. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

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