Broken Glasses by
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Broken Glasses

I really feel like Piggy from “Lord of the Flies” these days:

Broken Glasses by

A couple of weeks ago, one of the nose pads on my glasses broke off. Boo hoo! I was so sad about it. HBL was sitting next to me when it happened. In my grief, I exclaimed, “Aw man, babe! Now I’m gonna need new glasses! Ugh, we don’t have the money for me to go buying a new pair of glasses!” Then, my sage husband says:

“Why don’t you just go get them fixed and have them put another nose pad in?”

Oh… yeah. I was gonna do that…

My question today:

Have you ever replaced something completely, when all you had to do was get it repaired?


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5 thoughts on “Broken Glasses”

  1. LOL…this reminds me of the time I dropped my glasses on the floor and they broke in half!! Oookay!!But, time, on a different pair of glasses, one of the sides broke off (that goes over your ear). Anyway..I could have just got a new pair, but I TAPED IT TOGETHER for a long time! My hair kind of covered the tape, but I was always self conscious when it was windy!!! LOLOLOL. My husband would call me ghetto!

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