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And The Nesting Begins

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been dreaming of projects to tackle before my sweet babe arrives: a receiving blanket, a throw, two decorative pillows for the baby’s crib, a quilt, and re-purposing an old side table into an activity table.

This pregnancy, I noticed my nesting instinct came pretty early and “crafty strong”. When I was preparing for Monkey, all I wanted to do was rearrange furniture, hang up artwork and clean. This time around… whipping out the sewing machine? Really?

Yesterday, I finished the receiving blanket, and today I completed the baby throw. And check it:¬†Ole’ Cheapskate here took a $2.50 pillow and cut and sewed it into two pillows! Buying two decorative pillows this size for $10 a piece is not right! I don’t play that.

Sewing Machine Foot

Pillow Project

So far I’m on a roll, and if I can keep up this momentum, I just may finish all these projects. That would be Accomplishment of the Year since I’m notorious for starting these kinds of things and not finishing – just ask the heaps of unfinished projects stuffed in a cardboard box in our garage.

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