Wordless Wednesday

My Iron Gut(s)

This is the snack I had the other day:


And soy ‘nog’. Yes, that’s right. The soy version of egg nog.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I didn’t get the runs or a sour stomach after eating that combo, but don’t you know? Haven’t you heard? I am like a cow: I have six stomachs that act as a filtration system, protecting me from this kind of food mixture!

No, I’m not pregnant. It’s just my salty/sweet craving gone wild, coupled with the beauty of having a strong stomach.

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23 thoughts on “My Iron Gut(s)”

  1. Chips and salsa are an every day snack at our house, so delicious! The soy egg nog though? I can't stomach that at all I never learned to like the stuff. I still consider it a grown up drink, my parents love it ;)

  2. I'm so glad you have the stomach of a four legged bovine and enjoyed your snack. This chicks gonna' have to check out the soy~nog. I think your combo sounds fantastic!Enjoy your day and may it be fill with many blessing and quenched cravin's!!!

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