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I Locked Myself In The Bathroom, And Then Everything Was Good

Yesterday was hectic, to say the least. Paying bills, dealing with a hysterical baby, laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping – I was on the verge of a Calgon moment, but held it together. On a normal day, this kind of To-Do list wouldn’t have me feeling like I was lobotomized like Jessica Lange in the movie “Frances”, but yesterday was just that kind of funky day.

Full dishwasher

I was handling myself pretty nicely all day long, but somewhere between feeding my son his dinner and washing him up, my Meltdown Button was pressed. I stood at the sink in the kitchen and used up all my strength to say to my husband in a calm voice, “I. NEED. A. BREAK.” Yes. It was an ‘all caps’ moment.

I handed the baby over to my husband, climbed over the baby gate, and headed straight for the only room in our house with a lock: the bathroom.

I sat on that toilet seat and cried. I just let it go – my fatigue, stress, worries, frustrations. I tell you, I needed that cry in a bad way. I can usually get it out by watching a super sad movie, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get that into my schedule. I think I had a sort of ‘crying build up’.

During my little episode, my boy kept beating on the door for me to come out. Then, my husband kept coming by to make sure I was okay. But that irritated me more, and every time he’d come around, I raised my voice, “Can’t I get a break?!

Of course, midway through my crying, I realized that I was having a serious pity party, so I pulled myself together and instead, used my time wisely by giving myself a mini manicure. Then, when I was done with that, I sat there quietly and read a magazine.

I need a vacation.

28 thoughts on “I Locked Myself In The Bathroom, And Then Everything Was Good”

  1. Oh, my friend..I've had many of those days!!! All we want is just a little time alone, right? Not too much to ask. I feel ya!! And I know it escalates during that "time of the month." HUGS!!!

  2. I've had a few of those days myself. One part of me kinda feels guilty for losing it, but then another part of me says I can cry if I want (or need!) to. I get my "me" time in the loo, too. :)

  3. OMGosh…I think I have one of those episodes daily…LOLWhy is it that the husbands cannot entertain the kiddos long enough for us to just relax? (Well, some husbands, not all!)I could use a vacation too…where should we go? Hawaii? Florida? Italy? Hmmm, sounds good but I may have to settle for a night out for coffee and a good book right? :)Take Care…(and a break)Danielle

  4. There's nothing like a good cry. Oh, I have so many of those moments. And yes, the bathroom is the place.Sorry you were having one of those days, but glad you let it all out. Hope today is better.

  5. Oh, I hate those kind of days. But don't worry you are NOT the only woman who has done this. The bathroom is just about the only room I can "lock" for a few minutes. Wishing you a better Monday…

  6. I don't think people understand that being a SAHM is like having a 24 hour a day job that goes on endlessly with no breaks. My Hubby is a teacher and I told him ot picture taking your class of whining students with you EVERYWHERE including your lunch break and the bathroom!!! I have had those moments (more recently than ever) and sometimes you just need to walk away and lock yourself in a room where no one can cling to you and suck every last bit of your energy out of you. I find that a hot bath recharges me in those times of claustrophobia and panic where i cannot get away from the neediness and mayhem.I hope your manicure and moments of solitude helped!!

  7. I've had moments like that too (many many times) and I think sometimes a good hard cry like that does help. It's like a great release of all the stress and chaos we have as mothers and wives.Maybe it's time for HABL to install a lock on your bedroom door…so you don't have to sit on the potty next time you need a good cry!

  8. There are so many days I feel so overwhelmed. Then I feel guilty for getting so upset because I see my hubby working so hard at work and being stressed out himself. So many times I look at my kids and wish to be their age again with no worries. *Sigh*

  9. way to get yourself together and do something really important like a manicure and read. That must have made you feel so much better. A locked bathroom door is a blessing indeed!

  10. Holidays, plus PMS, plus all the extra we have to do to be ready for EVERYTHING that happens in a 2 week period can TOTALLY warrant a mommy time out. Good for you for taking one. Big hugs.

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