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Why Emotional Eating Is Okay

It’s been a rough week. Like I was telling the TT ladies, I woke up this morning to a Monkey smeared in his own poop. Even on his forehead. The kicker? His diaper was still on.

Who the…? What the…?

I have not had a moment to breathe, let alone write, but I’ll tell you what I HAVE had a moment to do: EAT. Tacos and chips, specifically.

Which brings me to my Top Ten subject: Why Emotional Eating Is Okay. This stressful week was a pooper. And since I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, and haven’t shopped in a million years, the best solution for me was to stuff my face. And stuff my face is what I did. Unapologetically.


Why Emotional Eating Is Okay - A Top Ten List by

Top Ten Reasons Why Emotional Eating Is Okay

  1. Unlike abusing other things (drugs, alcohol, credit cards, husbands), abusing food cannot result in a stint in jail – unless you punch someone out for eating the last slice/piece/morsel of whatever food you had your eye on
  2. At it’s core, it’s really aromatherapy – stress immediately leaves my body upon smelling food
  3. There is some nutritional value in what you’re eating… right?
  4. You can’t OD on celery sticks and hummus
  5. Eating helps work out certain muscles in your body. Par example: Tongue, jaw, hand, arm, and stomach
  6. You can do it in front of anyone without fear of getting a disapproving look (your mother is not included in this summation)
  7. Your therapy can be disguised as ‘dinnertime’
  8. You can do it anywhere! While you’re driving, waiting in line at the store, waiting in the doctor’s office, in bed, even!
  9. It’s a great way to fight insomnia – eat till you’re stuffed, and watch your eyelids start to fall
  10. It’s cheaper than crack

I love memes. Wait, you too? WE’RE TWINS! Why not take a break and play Top Ten, then? If you blog, grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (you can use mine!), post it on your blog, and leave your link in the comments below. If you don’t blog, play along by leaving your list in the comments, too!
Have fun!

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11 thoughts on “Why Emotional Eating Is Okay”

  1. Oh-I was all excited to find out why it was OKAY that I went nuts on m&m's and goldfish today…and you slap me in the face with celery and hummus?! What is this? Find-I'll go back on the diet that includes celery tomorrow. Blah.

  2. Oh, the poop. The poop, poop, poop. :) I'm so sorry. I can't think of a better top 10 list for why emotional eating is A OK. I think I'll go do some now…..:)

  3. The diaper incident sounds horrible! Hope you have a much better week-end!Emotional bored eating~~~I sum it up as being the best of times and the worst of times~~~fun while doing it but the pay-back is B-R-U-T-A-L!

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