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They Don’t Call ‘Em Crackberries For Nothin’

***EDIT 4/29/2016: I realize this post is super “old” – the difference in technology and social media now, compared to almost seven years prior, is excruciating. I don’t even know if Blackberry exists outside of the business world anymore! But reading this post makes me laugh at my social media innocence (I don’t think I had Facebook yet, and Instagram wasn’t even alive). Once you read through this post, you may wonder when we got our first iPhones: it happened in 2011, we got the 4S, and we did NOT get them through AT&T! Ha!***

As much as I’ve been pining away for the iPhone, I refuse to go to AT&T. So what’s a girl who’s jonesing hard for a smartphone to do? Blackberry, baby!

I know a lot of you might be thinking, “Oh, hoh! If she were really hard core, NOTHING would stop her from getting an iPhone. Not even AT&T!” But I tell you now, folks, unless AT&T paid for my family plan, gave me and my husband free phones, and then offered us insurance, no one in this house will be carrying an AT&T phone.

And so, with a smile on my face and a new phone in hand, I give you the top ten reasons why I love my Blackberry.


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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Blackberry

  1. Internet: anytime, anywhere. Must. Feed. The. Beast.
  2. I feel like I’m a Jetson with this mini computer in my pocket. Mini computer in my pocket? That’s like saying I own a time machine!
  3. Mobile tweeting – ‘nuff said
  4. I can hold my head up high whenever I talk to my family, as I was the last hold out. The trash talking at family reunions is so over
  5. Modern times? I’m here! No more T9 texting for me!
  6. It makes me feel complete: my inner child always felt stupid pulling out my Brick when surrounded by phones as thin as sliced cheese
  7. I’m ready for the next blogger conference. Heeey!
  8. I can have my email sent directly to my phone *Angels singing*
  9. With my old provider, I could sit in three different places on my couch to get good service, marginal service, or no service at all! Whaaa happaaa? Switching cell phone providers has been fantastic!
  10. It’s like the electronic version of a warm, gooey cinnamon roll. Mmm…

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Have fun!

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26 thoughts on “They Don’t Call ‘Em Crackberries For Nothin’”

  1. I absolutely refused to get one when I was still working because I didn't want to be on call 24/7. I know that if I get one now that I'll be totally hooked and be tempted to check emails whenever wherever… Let's see how long I'd be able to hold out.

  2. Awesome!My kids forced me into texting just last month, lol. Now I do it all the time rather than make calls. How did I do without it?I don't know if I could use all the features of a Blackberry…texting alone took me a long time, lol.

  3. Our household is blackberry free. I just don't need something else taking up more precious time. Now, how 'bout those warm, gooey cinnamon roll.ya'll have one terrific day!!!

  4. Uh..Yeah you can!!! It's pretty much awesome. I googled "bluetooth blackberry to mac" and it popped up instructions. You have to change your internet info on your mac to get it to work. It was so long ago I can't remember how I did it but I know google will have the answers for you!!

  5. Oh yes!!! I will have to ditto you on those reasons! I love my BB, and can't even imagine using anything else. My son has the Itouch and believe me, it ain't all that! Even if it had the phone option, it still wouldn't do anything for me. I'm always pressing the wrong letter or number. I like the feel of buttons! Yah, BB's are the bomb!

  6. oh…I came over because you said you loved your MAC on Alicia's page….but I'm still T9 texting with my brick phone…which heats up when I use the internet…it's so hard to part with thinkgs! Maybe next year….but switch my MAC…ummm NEVER!

  7. Number 8 is my favorite!!! I love my phone too….Today I told my 6 year old I had to check Email to verify if it was PJ day at school…I was reading her the Email from my phone and she say "How did you do that?" You are an awesome Mommy!

  8. I have never sent a text and don't use my cell for anything other than if my car breaks down. I don't need constant contact. I would never get any work done – as it is blogging invades enough of my real world. I want to take my boss' Blackberry and chuck it in that empty Vegas pool photo so he'll stop e-mailing me wherever he goes at all hours of the day! But if it makes you happy my dear – more power to you :0)P.S. Remember that post you did a while back where someone told you toothpaste works for zits? Totally true. In a moment of desperation on vacation I remembered that comment and thought – what the hell. The next morning – voila – all better!

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