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SITScation and The Girl Who Sweat Her Way Through It

Remember when I said that I was going to be a shy, sweaty mess at SITScation?

I didn’t lie. I was.

Luckily for me, there was a matter of actually listening to the fantastic guest speakers and learning a thing or two (or a hundred) about integrity and staying true to oneself in the blogging world. So, I wasn’t able to embarrass myself totally… I think.

Sweating and shyness aside, friends, I’m here to tell you that the SITScation conference this past weekend was both a joy and an inspiration! It really got me thinking about my goals, my life, and where blogging belongs between the two.

The ladies from SITS (who, let me tell you, are AWESOME! And might I add, I luuurv Tiffany!) threw a sweet blogger bash: intimate, manageable for introverts like myself , with speakers who know their stuff. And next year? I would recommend you try and make it. I know finances are tight for a lot of us – the only reason I was able to attend was because it was being held here in Vegas, and I didn’t have to pay for a flight or a hotel – but, if you are able to save a little at a time from here until they start letting us know about the next one, then I would say, “Do it!” It was worth it.


There were some fantastic speakers at the conference and some equally fantastic bloggers there, too. And I wish I was able to take good pictures, but, unfortunately, I was too engrossed with what was being said, and also, too shy and sweaty and nervous to approach more than a handful of peeps – right Angie?

Oh, the life of a sweaty person. Bullets, rolling down my forehead.

I told you guys.

26 thoughts on “SITScation and The Girl Who Sweat Her Way Through It”

  1. Sounds like so much fun!! I really wish i had been able to attend. What sort of things did you learn there? Was there any discussion about where it might be held next year?

  2. Um, right. Except not. You didn't seem sweaty to me at all. I don't buy it. You just wanted me to come to you. Right? Kidding. So great to meet you, and I agree that the conference was fab!

  3. Um, I don't believe a word of it. I am still reeling from meeting you in person and am seriously bummed that we didn't have a chance to spend more time together. If you ever plan on going to another conference, you must give me a heads up. I want to be where your sweaty ass is. :)-Francesca

  4. Lucky girl to be where the party is already at!!! =)I'm sad I missed the speakers, but I'm hoping that I can piece stuff together from everyone's post….I did, however, love shaking my tail feather at the party!!!

  5. Sweaty mess? More like absolutely adorable… I had at least 3 different people ask me which person you were, as they are more familiar with your decolletage from your profile pic.I am SO thrilled it worked out for you to be there and will be there- I walked away feeling inspired too.Better see you again next year- it'll be in Vegas. :)

  6. I was a little shy too and I wish I'd been a bit bolder about asking people for pictures, but on the whole I had a wonderful time and I'm so enjoying all the new friendships. I'll drop by and visit once in a while.

  7. Gald to hear you had a good time for the most part and learned a lot. I have the same problem too, I love going to my writing group once a month, but it makes me shaky and sweaty too. But it's still fun. So good for you for going and you've sold me, I'd love to go next year.

  8. So glad you went, saw, learned. I heard it was amazing! I cannot imagine you are sweating over all this. You are too genuine and nice…sweating for what? You are crazy. HA HAGreat post! Now where are the photos? Hmm hmmm?

  9. I had a seminar stop on the way home from our annual holidays – they can be so much fun!!! I think people get quite a surprise at the person behind the online persona! Glad to hear you had a great time :)

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