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My Husband And Facebook Online Poker

Last night was the very first night in almost two weeks that my dear husband fell asleep before the stroke of midnight.

No, he’s not working double shifts or a second job, nothing like that. The thing that has been keeping him up all hours of the day and night? That addictive, sleep thief: Facebook’s Zynga Poker.

My Husband And Facebook Online Poker

Sheesh, you would think he was tending to a newborn baby, the hours he’s keeping these days. Actually, scratch that ’cause that’s not true! When Monkey was a newborn, Huzz was so super protective of his precious Z’s, Monkey and I slept on the couch for a month!

Doesn’t look like the rules apply to poker playing.

Anyway, I’ll tell you, as fun as it’s been seeing him look like me (tired with red, dry computer eyes), it sure was starting to bug because he was cutting in on Mommy Time (Uh, hello? I need some alone time!). But my patience paid off because the dude couldn’t hang for more than two weeks before he crumbled under the weight of his fatigue. Amateur.

Now, now, I know this is not a competition, and even if it were, it wouldn’t be much of one. After all, it wouldn’t be a fair fight since I’ve had way more time to condition.

Oh well. I’m just glad to have Mommy Time back so I can eat my special mommy treats, read magazines, and watch my girly movies without someone rolling his eyes at me. Aaaaaaaah!

14 thoughts on “My Husband And Facebook Online Poker”

  1. Heh. Hubby refuses to be on FB and therefore misses on the FB Poker thingy. He does have his own PC poker game, though, on top of all his other PC war/strategy/fantasy/civilization games!

  2. Facebook applications are way, way too addictive. I was totally addicted to scrabble for the longest time. Luckily Hubby thinks he's too cool for facebook so hasn't discovered it's time sucking abilities.

  3. Halloween week will be cute scary stories, one is Isadora…today there's trick or treating and Thursday these pumpkin bars I took to the office and were GONE in ten minutes…not a crumb left. Then a story with a silly ending, creative woman feature and special Isadora. :)

  4. I swear Facebook is messing with my sex life. I'm either working in my cafe or tending my farm, or he's running a wave in his maze or building robots.By the time both of us have had some time to get our turns in, it's after 10 and we're exhausted.Stupid Facebook.

  5. Private time in not something to be messed with! It's what keeps us sane. :) At least he couldn't handle the pressure of those late nights, us Mommy's are built tough don't you know?!!

  6. I hear ya on both counts. First of all, I've gotten myself addicted to that darn Facebook Mafia Wars. I'm at level 108 and climbing fast. It's amazing how addicting those games are. However, since SITScation, I've abandoned it in favor of TweetDeck. Guess I have an addictive personality at least when it comes to computer stuff.I got to thinking about my DH and I and our sleep needs. Right now, he is in his chair, asleep as usual and I will be typing away at my computer until 1 in the morning. If I count his "chair time", I'll bet he gets 10-15 hours more sleep in a week than I do. Wimp!

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