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Eau de Poo-rfum

Last night, while sitting on the couch, I smelled poo. At first, I thought maybe I was imagining things, so I just went back to watching TV. Unfortunately, that disgusting smell kept permeating the air and distracting me, so I knew it was very, very real.

Though my doggies are not above pooping inside the house, I was pretty sure that what I smelled was not theirs. I’ve cleaned their mess enough times to know the difference (Nice, huh? I’ve cleaned enough dog and baby doo to tell the difference between the two…).

But I digress.

I sniffed the couch, the pillows, the cushions, but came back with nothing. I had my nose in the air and on the ground for ten minutes and still came up empty handed. What was going on here?

In my mind, I imagined a solitary nugget falling out of my son’s diaper and rolling under the couch, sitting there, on a carefully executed ‘fragrance’ time-release. Another scenario? He dug into his dirty diaper and wiped his finger on something.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Gag.

Luckily, before my imagination got the best of me, I found the source of the stink bomb: it was an old diaper, clear across the other side of the room! It was on the floor, looking like it was tossed aside and forgotten by *ahem* some ‘other’ adult who lives in this house. I had to hold my breath while I carried it to the trash because it was rank. Gugh! At least I was able to enjoy the rest of my evening, stank free.

I should get a bumper sticker on my car that reads: “My other nose is on a Bloodhound.”

Dog with sunglasses

I’m sorry I blamed you, boy.

18 thoughts on “Eau de Poo-rfum”

  1. You and me both! I can smell poop a mile away! (On the other hand…I think my dear husband can smell it as well but acts like he can't….like it's going to just go away or something?)

  2. …and sometimes being a bloodhound isnt a great thing. My sense of smell heightened to bionic proportions when I got pregnant…it has never returned to normal. Cracked up that some other adult in your house left a treat behind…hahahha.

  3. You were lucky it was contained poop. Don't ya just hate the creative fingerprinting poop. I have eight grandchildren and I have experienced a variety of creative genesis.This Ozarks farm chick enjoyed droppin for a read. Ya'll have a very uneventful blessed day!!!

  4. Why, why, why do men do that?? My husband does the same thing. I get so mad and I walk over to him with dirty diaper in hand and I say, "I didn't realize it would take so much more effort to turn around after you changed the dirty diaper and throw it in the diaper pail…". Then I show him how "hard" it is to do that. Then he acts like I'm the bad guy for being sarcastic and mean. Sigh…

  5. It's just not right that Mom's get to have the Poo Sniffer. It must be something in our genes that sends off the warning: "Cleanup-Isle 9."Don't think my Hubby has that superpower. He smells things like cheesesteaks, wings, and football.No fair!

  6. Yuck!! Yuck that you know the difference, yuck that you have to clean it up all the time…I'm excited to be a mom one day and all, but I'm glad I'm not doing that these days:)

  7. That happened to me the other day! In the side pocket of the diaper bag, there was a plastic grocery bag full of a day's worth of dirty diapers from a visit to my mom's. She makes me take them home with me… People w/out babies in the house are so weird about having poop sitting under their kitchen sink until trash day. :)

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