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Moisturizing Matter

I’m on a mission to find my Holy Grail in nighttime moisturizer. The nighttime moisturizer I’ve been using lately? Well, I’m allergic to it. Dryness and red bumps. Itchy, red bumps.


My skin is mad at me. Why? Because I’m still using the stupid moisturizer! Again, why? Because I paid good money for that jar of acid cream, and it’s past the return date, and I refuse to throw away that kind of money.

Moisturizing Matter by

I know, I know. My skin is worth more than what I paid for that jar of cream. And yes, I am going to go back to my old stuff. But still.

Boo on me. Lesson learned.

My question today:

What is your favorite facial moisturizer?


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39 thoughts on “Moisturizing Matter”

  1. Hmm.. I'm a big fan moisturizers, I used to use only professional products (I'd get them at a huge discount) due to my cosmo license..and experienced the same as you.. LOL bumps ..redness and itching..Now I only use Dove (in the morning spf 15) and Nivea night cream.I love it. Hope your skin is better soon!

  2. Hi,At night I use Nivea visage Q 10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer.For daytime, I like Neutrogena's tinted moisturizer Called Healthy Skin Enhancer. It contains a retinol treatment, spf 20 moisturizer, and a sheer tint. I used it as my foundation too….

  3. I like Boots No 7 and Strivectin!I've been using Strivectin for nearly 6 months now and I really love it as it seems to be making a difference in my skin. Boos No 7 is some great stuf as well!Aloha!

  4. My mom just brought me some new moisturizer that is amazing! It's made by oil of olay and it's in a red jar,I'm too lazy to run upstairs and check the exact name, but I've just started using it for the past two days and already I have noticed a difference!

  5. i try to avoid moisturizers. they make me break out, even if they are non-comediogenic {sp?}. i have naturally oily skin, so moisturizer is not essential for me. when i do get dry, like in the late fall and winter, i use Creme de la Mer. it's pricey but lasts forever. i wish i had as much money as J.Lo though. she buys tons of jars and uses it all over her body. that is why is skin is so sparkling pretty. aloha and take care.

  6. I use NightSkin at night and Oil of Olay w/SPF during the day…Funny, I was going to post something about moisturizers…This week I was so tired and busy that one night I put a pimple cream on a pimple on my chin…but then I thought I put it down..but I ended up using it instead of my night creme…I was laying in bed when I noticed my face was kind of feeling different – OMG! I put the pimple cream all over my face! Needless to say, my entire face was totallydry the next day…Enjoy!

  7. I know this doesn't sound good, but I don't use any moisturizer, and I wash my face w/ regular soap!!! But, my mom used Oil Of Olay when I was growing up and she would always tell me to use it when I got older. I love the smell of it because it totally reminds me of her!

  8. I know I'm supposed to leave some kind of high-toned pricey brand name, but I use Avon Renew when I'm on top of my game, and if I skip the routine at night, I honestly love the lightness of Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream. When I'm dry, dry, dry (like I am on this conference trip to Vegas), my facial skin just drinks that stuff up.

  9. I do like the Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer during the day. I seem to skip that nighttime thing, I'm sure I'll be regretting that one sooner or later.

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