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When I was pregnant with my son, I used to ask my sister all kinds of questions about what it was like to be a mom. I listened to her talk about the gross things she would endure with my niece – doo-doo under the fingernails, barf and spit-up on her clothing, even putting soggy food that was in my niece’s mouth into her own! Gack!

When I was not someone’s mommy, I thought that that sort of thing was sick and wrong. How could anyone be okay wiping away drool with their bare hands? Or be okay wiping their child’s nose off on their own shirt? I vowed that I would never, ever, ever turn into that person. Ever.

Recently, I was on the floor playing with my baby after breakfast. Somewhere between throwing the ball around and playing footsies with me, he decided he didn’t like what he ate, so he puked it out onto my bare legs. Now, the old me would have screamed and started gagging at the site of that gnarly mess. But the new me, the “mommy me”, just sat there patiently comforting my son, while waiting for my husband to bring me a towel.

What a difference having a child makes!

Tree and sunlight

If you’re not a mom, here’s a picture to look at while you try and forget about gagging…

My question today:

What is something that you never thought you could handle when you were childless, but is now snooze worthy?


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31 thoughts on “Desensitization”

  1. I dont know how long my kids would sit down to trace them either…hahah you could just copy a foto…thats the easiest way….haha Im laughing just thinking at Christian sitting down to do this…CHRISTIAN sit DOWN hahah

  2. Ah, the ways parenthood has changed us!I never thought I could wipe up pee off the floor (with a cloth) without first putting on gloves or some sort of protection on my hands!I never thought I would love to smell (and never get enough of) someone's breath… There's just something so sweet about a baby's (or even a toddler's) breath.

  3. Being a parent changes us in so many ways. Before kids I could not deal with vomit. Just the smell, sound and vision would make me want to do it. When I was teaching kids knew to just run if they had to throw up. Now I can tolerate it a bit more…most of the time.

  4. I don't have kids yet so I'm not quite sure How I'll react. I do know that my Chocolate Children (my labs) get ticks all the time from being on the farm and I don't mind searching them for ticks…before I had dogs I thought that was sick..ha! that's my version of snooze worthy. I'm glad you liked the photos of my top ten books…I'm an overachiever..

  5. oh that's a funny story! For me it is poop. Before kids I hated getting anything slimy on my hands, clothes, whatever! Now, I just wash it up and be done with it! Happy Friday!!

  6. I think people walk into children blind… but once you get the hang of it; it all seems to work out. I'm more worried about adding the second! ;)

  7. Poop and puke, definitely. When I first had M, I quickly got used to it. One day, I was heading out for a drive with her – driving no where, just for the ride – and realized I had poop on my hand. Old me would have freaked. New me wiped it on my jeans because I just HAD to get out for that drive. Lovely.I could never tolerate anyone puking before, but now, big whoop. I've been covered in it, had it in my hair. Nothing a shower and change of clothes won't fix.

  8. I have to say that I was a nanny for my niece in my very early twenties and I loved her so that the poop explosion after a box of raisins hardly phased me. I guess love really is blind. With my own kids I'd have to say that while the cleaning of poop, puke, pee, etc. is dreary work, not much of it short of the actual child birth without meds was more than I thought I could handle. And even that was bearable, just not much fun.

  9. I don't know if I will actually get over this one, ever…Jacob was about 8 mo old when I held him over my head too oooo and ahhh at him. At that time he decided to puke up partially digested breast milk. It went right into my mouth and my reflexes causes me to swallow.The only thing that stopped me from vomiting all over the place was that I was LAUGHING so hard because I couldn't believe that happened, and no one was there to witness it!Ugh.

  10. LOL So trueI once walked into a grocery store knowing full well I had spit up on my shirt. I was just too damn tired to go home and change. Wiped it off as well as I could with my hand and charged on it. AHhh how things have changed.

  11. I never thought I'd get used wiping butts or even having a child in the bathroom while I went. I used to tell my girlfriends..HOW CAN YOU POOOOOH with your child standing staring at you?As my boys got older I didn't allow them in..but I remember the 1~4 looks of.What'cha doooooin mama?

  12. I didn't even know how to change a diaper even after I birthed. I looked at the nurses and thought that they were crazy for letting me take home this baby when I couldn't even keep a plant alive! I am so shocked at how immune I am to everything from wiping snot noses to tiny (and absolutely adorable) behinds and think nothing of it. I so rock dude. I can keep a plant alive now too. ;0)

  13. Oh, I've so been there with the barf!! There are so many things that would've grossed me out before motherhood, like changing a huge poopy blow-out, picking boogers out of their noses with my own finger…oh the things I said I'd never do.

  14. I've got an opposite for you. I managed with all the usual diaper and body fluid issues, like most Moms, but there's one thing I never thought would bug me that absolutely drives me crazy. Losing teeth. It just grosses me out when their teeth get all loose and they wiggle then around and then they want you to pull it out for them. I! Fortunately, my kids always had an older brother who is more than happy to oblige!

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