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Working My Angles

I have a confession. I’ve been staring at my face in the mirror. A lot. And while staring at myself, I have made an incredible discovery:

I’m growing a baby double chin.

Whaaa hapa?

All the skin on my face seems to be falling and pooling in the area under my chin and above my neck. It’s getting so fleshy. This is a most peculiar situation…

Anyway, I have been actively fighting gravitational pull. No, not with diet and exercise, that would be too practical! No, I’ve been fighting the good fight by practicing my head angles in the mirror. Specifically, my head angles for pictures.

It seems vain. Okay, it is vain, sure. But come on, in ten years time, when I look at pictures of myself, I want to see youthful hotness. Not a pajama wearing, double chinned, messy haired lady! There’s enough time for that when I start using a cane!

So, until that time comes, and/or until I can get a grip on my cheeseburger eating ways, I will be practicing my angles, jutting out my chin, stretching out that fatty skinsation so as to avoid looking like this:

14 thoughts on “Working My Angles”

  1. Heh, I found myself doing that on a couple of occasions, too. Well, look at Paris Hilton. Why do you think she always looks the same in every photo, regardless of what she wears? She's learned where her 'best' side is and always does the same pose to highlight only her best angle.

  2. Yes! Yes! Just short of lifting the saggy flesh with invisible tape used for fancy gifts, I am doing everything possible to get rid of mine! Darn you gravity and hormonal aging! Darn you!!!!!

  3. Creative solutions, that's what I call that! I'm going to need some angles for my backside and my tummy, too, let me know when you've got some good ideas. Oh, to be a woman.

  4. Ha ha… A loooooong time ago I read in a magazine how you can "strech" your chin to work the muscles so you don't get a double chin. I did them diligently. Still break one out once in a while. ;-)

  5. I can't even look at pictures of myself these days without thinking "Man, I look old"!!! They just had an article in Parents Magazine about how to get flattering pics of yourself!!

  6. LOL, Jennifer, you're one funny gal!!The next time you smile for the camera, try touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue and make sure the photographer is standing at a level higher than you. I read from somewhere that this trick ought to work!!

  7. Hahahaha!! That is sooooooooooo true!! I do the same thing.I tell everyone the same thing, "It's all about the angle."'s not like before when I looked pretty good in any pose! Not anymore!! LOLOL!

  8. OMG! I KNOW~! lol. Don't you think that it's funny that ya look in the mirror everyday and you don't look all that different? Then you look at a photo and OMG it's a reality slap in the face! lolI looked at a pic the other day and think I saw Jay Leno staring back at me. :)

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