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Reading Material

I don’t know why I even bother:


This is what I have waiting for me to read when I get a spare moment. Will I ever get that moment? Maybe when my babyy goes away to college… Here’s to hoping.

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25 thoughts on “Reading Material”

  1. That's so true, Jennifer!! I used to love reading books & maganizes, but forget it now!! My mom will give me the ones she's done reading, but I hardly ever have time to "sit" there and take my time to look through them!

  2. I can't seriously remember the last time I actually SAT and READ a magazine, lol. And my kids are teenagers, ha haGood luck…hope you find your moment to read, lol

  3. LOL! For the first 2 years after I had the kids I only read magazine articles and I never was able to remember what they said! Now that they are 3 I am actually reading novels again. But, in 5 weeks I will have a newborn so it will be back to incoherent clips of words when I get a spare moment!!

  4. Omigosh! You have piles of unread mags as well?! I'm still catching up with my Shape mags from '08—-sad but true. I let those "slide" because it's all "kind of the same". I TRY to keep up with my style mags and of course People and (gasp) Star! The news in those gets old FAST!Great WW!

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