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Last week, it rained two whole times in Las Vegas! And when it rains here, you rejoice. The rain actually made it cool enough to bring Monkey to the park! His first time in two-and-a-half months!

Your heart has to break for these southwestern kids. Stuck indoors all summer long…

Wait. Did I say ‘kids’? I meant ‘moms’.

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25 thoughts on “Rain”

  1. Nice pics. I get the whole "staying the house in summer" thing. We do the same in Florida…it's too dang HOT!!! When I lived in Michigan, I gained a few pounds every winter because we were inside. Now it's the opposite…I gain in summer. Can't wait for it to cool off a bit!!!

  2. Great pictures. I love rain. I love the smell, I love standing in it, and I love that it cools things off. We have been lucky to have a rainy spring/summer so no emergency drought this year. I hope you both enjoyed your day at the park. Happy WW and take care.-Kiki

  3. Cool photos! Congrats on getting a break from the heat. It's already starting to feel like fall in New England, with leaves on the ground to boot.

  4. Where I am, the weather has been really cool. I had to dig out all the pants and sweatshirts.Glad you were able to get outside even if it was only for a couple days :)

  5. Growing up in the NW rain is always present. I have never met someone so happy for the rain! Thats awesome that you got to enjoy the park because of the rain. I normally stay away from the park because of the rain :)

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