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I don’t know what it is about my car, but it seems to be a drink container magnet:

I’m embarrassed to admit that this is ‘clean’, since I actually picked up my mess the day before. Usually, there are way more drink containers, paper, and garbage in my car.


And yes, there are two almost full bottles of water in there – is it gross that I will drink the water in those bottles throughout the week, as I run errands? A little sip here, a little sip there?

Generally speaking, I am always telling my HABL he needs to get a grip on his beverage container mess – cups, bottles, mugs, in the house, in the car, in the garage. But, I suppose the Pot should get a grip before giving clean up tips to the Kettle, huh?

32 thoughts on “Chug”

  1. I always keep one empty plastic water bottle in the car for, you know, "little boy emergencies."By the way, I don't remember where I read it, but apparently you should not drink water from bottles that have been left in the car for too long (overnight?)…

  2. Our car gets the exact same way, so don't feel bad. We have bottles on the floor. The cup holders filled. It's otherwise clean, but we have drinks everywhere. Just make sure to NEVER drink bottle water that has been in the run. Poison, poison, poison. Yuck!

  3. I am not very organized in my home (at least I don't think so), but I cannot leave stuff (other than kids toys) in my car. At least you know you're staying hydrated! ;-)

  4. It's Vegas…it's HOTTER than a dog's ass in the summer there….Phoenix is the same way…you should see mine. Water bottles in EVERY SINGLE cup holder. I'm diggin' the Starbucks iced coffee though! *winkHappy W/WKarie

  5. Great picture. Congrats to you for being honest about your car mess. I have family members that trash their cars, and others that rub it with a diaper cloth. My car is pretty clean, but I aloso have only one kid. A kid who likes to clean up and throw things away. I have a mini-garbage can in my car. Keeps things neat. Happy WW and take care.-Kiki

  6. Your car is still cleaner than my mini-van by a MILE!!! Oh and I keep a bottle of water in the car too to sip on throughout the week. My husband is completely grossed out by that….but then again, remember, this is the same man who impressed my kids the other night with his loud, booming farts. And he thinks my water bottle habit is disgusting??

  7. I know my own car is too much of a wreck when I need to clean it before I can let other KIDS ride in it. You are not alone, my car is much the same and worse. Where are the snack wrappers to go with the drinks?

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