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My Top Ten Bucket List Items

Random: I’m sitting here watching “Wolverine” with my husband. Three things: First, who knew Wolverine was three hundred years old? Second, Hugh Jackman running around naked. Third, RYAN REYOLDS.

Anyway, the movie got me thinking: What if we could live for three hundred years? And of course, I nixed that thought. Who would want to live that long? Dealing with period cramps for three hundred years? And if that’s the case, then my son would probably have that whole mutant gene thing and age just as slowly as me. Can we say taking care of a toddler for two hundred years?


So here, have a look at the items on my bucket list that I, as a normal, non-mutant being, am currently trying to accomplish.


My Top Ten Bucket List ItemsAdaptation of “Bucket (PSF)” by Pearson Scott Forman | Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


My Top Ten Bucket List Items

  1. Be fluent in five languages – This way I can ensure I can say, “When do we eat?” in as many languages as possible
  2. Travel throughout Europe
  3. Understand my husband – or men in general
  4. Have a vacation home. Somewhere. Anywhere. Doesn’t matter to me.
  5. Be cast in a Broadway show
  6. Compete in a Tahitian dance fete
  7. Be cast in a TV sitcom
  8. Star in a serious action flick. Where I get to do stunts and stuff. Ooooh.
  9. Run a marathon – Okay, maybe I use the term “currently trying” loosely…
  10. Eat these items in these places: Macaroon in Paris, apple strudel in Germany, Thai pancake and mango and sticky rice in Thailand, fried chicken in the South, roast pork in Fiji

I love memes. Wait, you too? WE’RE TWINS! Why not take a break and play Top Ten, then? If you blog, grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (you can use mine!), post it on your blog, and leave your link in the comments below. If you don’t blog, play along by leaving your list in the comments, too!
Have fun!

Top Ten

18 thoughts on “My Top Ten Bucket List Items”

  1. Wolverine with Hugh AND Ryan. Now that's a must see……Okay, I got a little side tracked there with the thought of ALL THAT!Okay where was I? Oh yes, what a great bucket list!! You are far more talented and brave than I as the Broadway show, the sitcom AND the action flick would scare the pants off me. Okay the dance fete would as well!!Number 10 sounds like fun—now there's an idea LOL!I'm working on my Bucket List but right now I have two children clamoring on me as I promised to take them to the Zoo this morning so off we go. Hee hee! It'll give me a chance to think about my list! I'll be back……

  2. What a great list!! LOL @ #1!Oh..and Wolverine was the bomb movie!!!And now I'm craving for some authentic fried rice! My hot dog fried rice does not quite cut it!

  3. Jennifer- Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We are slowly getting better with each passing day. It's been a welcome escape for me to visit everyone's blogs and yours especially always brings a smile to my face.

  4. Instead of being fluent in five languages to be able to say the ever-so-important, "When do we eat?" maybe you should just learn the phrase in five different languages! lol

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