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I was taking a shower last night when I noticed my boobs. I was trying to remember what they used to look like before they were used as a food container, but couldn’t. That made me sad.

I know that once you start having kids (and get older for that matter), all kinds of changes happen to your body: hair thickness, shoe size, weight, skin texture, etcetera, etcetera. But what about The Girls?

I know, I know: of course boobs change! Especially after pregnancy! Some pairs get bigger, some smaller. Others get stretch mark-y, loads more get raisin-y. I guess what I’m really after is if the change is a one-time deal? Changing only with the first pregnancy? Or do they continue to change after every pregnancy?

Two Eggs

I loved my ‘virgin’ pair. The one thing I do remember about them was that they were perky and smooth. My ‘second’ pair? Not so perky and not so smooth, but I do want to hug them and love them and keep them with me always. Especially since I know that they could be taken away from me. I still regret never having given my first pair a proper goodbye…

Anyway, I do wonder if these Girls will abandon me during a second pregnancy? Could they morph into a different looking pair again? My Bingo Bongo’s are already changing with my increasing age – aiming due South – but can I at least count on these Girls to come back to me if I get pregnant again?

Enquiring minds want to know.

21 thoughts on “Boobage”

  1. Hmm, mine are fuller after two pregnancies. Yeah, heading south a bit, though, mainly because I'm still b'feeding my soon-to-be 2.5yo!!! It's the pumping and the tugging… not helping there. Some days I feel like a cow, literally!

  2. Well after four kids mine have morphed several times. I am proud to say that are still pretty perky. I think it's because I keep them corralled in a bra 24/7. I don't even take it off when I sleep haha. I just don't feel comfortable without it. :o)

  3. Well, mine are a little more droopy after 2 twin pregnancies…I refer to them as "2 fried eggs hanging from a nail". But I found a really awesome bra that hoists them up to where they should be so they look perky when I'm wearing my bra.I'd love nothing more than to have a boob lift someday!!

  4. i nursed both of my kids to at least 12 months and was a full B before i got pregnant. i am now an A. they are completely deflated. only padded/push up bras can help me.i am really not surprised since i was a D when i was nursing and now an A. lots of extra skin. :(

  5. Well here I am, 35 a two kids I nursed for a year each, and though they are not as dense, they settled into a nice size and for the most part resemble what they were before kids. However there were sketchy moments from first pregnancy to now; going from small B to 38DD to everywhere in between. I am probably a small C now, and that's ok with me! Still pretty satisfied to be done with that stage of life!

  6. Oh how I hate mine hubs was just telling me the other day when he becomes a Dr. he will get me a lift. I did not breastfeed, but from gaining close to 100lbs,and then losing it twice…they are kind of like those square bean bags you used to play with at school. I store lunch under them.

  7. Mine have gotten HUGE with this 2nd pregnancy. With my first they changed a bit, but this time they are bigger, lopsided and covered in stretch marks, ughhh! Not sure what to expect after the baby is born, but i have a feeling it won't be pretty!

  8. LOL, after birthing 3 mutants (2 babies over 10 pounds) and a 3rd over 8. My girls have never been the same, HOWEVER, my girly-friend who works for a doctor in BH (Beverly Hills) said to wear a sports bra at night to keep them firm. Hmmmm.. Wish I would have known that years AGO! LOL. Down south is were they hang.. I mean point now. =/

  9. After three babies, everything has shifted. I've got more boobs, but more tummy, too. Actually, there is a little more of me all around.Many of my friends are contemplating boob jobs. My boobs already have jobs, as far as I'm concerned…but I'll never say never!Mother nature always keeps us guessing, doesn't she?

  10. Ok you will be so mad at me….I got Girls 2.0 before the kids. Breast fed all of them and they are still ENORMOUS!! I mean seriously…come get you some of my boobs. And they feel real…seriously, I let my girlfriends feel all the time. LOLBTW I have an award for you my lovely!!

  11. My boobs are so messed up now after nursing three kiddos. They used to be small and perky, most importantly THE SAME SIZE. Now, the left is three times the size of the right and we are all counting down the day that I get a boob job!

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