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The French

If I believed in past lives (which I don’t), I think I could have been a Francophile. Or maybe what I want to say is I WISH I could have been a Francophile.

You see, I am obsessed with the language, the style, the country… the fries, the kissingAaaah, I love Frenchness.

What is it about the French that gets my heart a thumpin’? It’s been this way since seventh grade French class. I read expat blogs like they’re going out of style, and try to read and watch every french related book and movie I can get my hands on. Secretly, I even wish I could pull off wearing a beret while playing the french horn… Oh la la, to be French.

Vive la baguette!

French by

My question today:

If you could reinvent your life (not that it isn’t fabulous right now!), what would you do? Who would the ‘new you’ be?

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26 thoughts on “The French”

  1. I dream about what it would be like to be an outgoing, personality-driven person. Someone who has their own style, whose definition of self you have to envy. (I was somewhat rewarded this past week when my sister-in-law showed me a book and said, "When I saw this, I thought, MIKA!") It just seems like it would be so fun to be confident enough to create an entire wardrobe and personality style…

  2. Back in the 50's, a combo of June Cleaver and the Yaya's…because I would want my cards and cocktail night, too. But, I totally get the whole french thing. I could easily be sitting at a paris cafe as we speak…and I just hired a french tutor because I want my girls and I to speak this beautiful language fluently. Great question!!!!!

  3. An Oscar-winning actress, but I would be one without all the baggage that comes with it. I would like a house in the hills and a nice Mercedes to get me to Rodeo Drive.I would like to have Rachel Zoe as my stylist and get tons of free swag. Aloha and take care.-Kiki

  4. Ooh, this is a tough one!I was a pretty good tennis player when I was in my teens and early 20's ~~~~~~ I always wonder what it would be like to have played professionally and maybe win at a little thing called Wimbledom! (wink wink)Now that isn't asking for too much, is it! LOL!Have a great weekend!

  5. What a fabulous question! The only big regret I have is that I didn't pursue becoming a professional ballerina. I danced for years and loved it. But I was a big fish in a small pond. I was accepted into some great schools, but my fears and a bout with anorexia prevented me from leaving home for any of them. I wish I had gone for it. I love my family and wouldn't want it to be different, but I wish I had chased that dream first, when I was younger.

  6. Oh MY…your makin me think? LOLYa know I always regreted not trying out for my college Pom-Pon squad and joining a Sorority too. Isn't that funny? Seriously, It has always bothered me because I had it all goin for me then and I was too shy…(Or I doubted myself)Should have just gone for it ALL!!! :)That's what I wanna teach my son…reach for the STARS!!! Have a great weekend!!

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