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Aloha Friday

Edward Scissorfeet

I’m about to go cut my husband’s toenails. Yes. You heard right.

When we got married, I did not know I was also signing up to be his personal pedicurist.

… Did I mention they’re sharp like daggers? Gross.

Edward ScissorfeetSource: Wikimedia Commons, Author Unknown | Public Domain

Unfortunately for me, my husband has horrible flexibility, and therefore, cannot reach his feet to cut his toes properly. Before I came along, he actually peeled his nails. Can you imagine? PEELING your nails? And because his toenails have suffered this kind of abuse for years, my love is now prone to ingrown toenails and hangnails.

So instead of listening to him suffer through the pain his feet are giving him, I’ve chosen to help my sweet “Edward Scissorfeet” get a grip of his snaggly mess.

*Clip, clip*

*UPDATE 4/6/2017: My Honey has been clipping his own toenails for a while now! LOL! Hooray for increased flexibility!*

My question today:

Do you clip your husband’s / significant other’s toenails?


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28 thoughts on “Edward Scissorfeet”

  1. Dear Lord In Heaven: So far, this is not boding well… I seem to be the ONLY one in the world crazy enough to be clipping her husband's toenails! AAAGGGGHHHH!!! I'm going to have to SERIOUSLY get him to get pedicures. ASAP!

  2. I don't clip them, but if he couldn't do it because he was injured or what have you, I'd do it because I love him. Even if it's gross. lol

  3. No I don't. He can do them himself. He's very picky about it since he had one horrible ingrown toenail before that he had to have the nail removed for. So he's really particular about how it's done.

  4. blech…i vomited a little bit in my mouth…i HATE feet. you couldn't PAY ME to touch my hubby's toes…he gets the same thing though..the ingrown nails…poor guy! but luckily he can reach his toes :) you're such a good wifey!

  5. Okay, so I admit it! I cut hubby's nails….Why?? Because otherwise he won't do it and I end of scratched in bed! I call him "teradactyl toes" when they need to be done!Ps. I agree about the things we "signed" up to do when you get married! I thought I was gonna be a trophy wife, and that has yet to happen!

  6. Hell to the NO! I do have a funny story about his toes though. We were together for about three and half years before we were married. In all that time the man covered his toes with socks and refused to show me his feet. I always teased him and asked him if he had sixth toe he was hiding or some weird deformity I should know about, but he would never fess up. We even went on our honeymoon to Cancun and he wore sneakers the whole time. Finally about a year later he had enough of my constant jokes about his feet. He showed them to me. He was so embarrassed all those years over his black toenails. He had gotten a fungus way back when and was even too embarrassed to see a doctor so it got worse and worse. I laughed so hard because I couldn't believe that he was embarrassed about such a common problem. We joke about it now, but he was so relieved that I didn't find him repulsive and demand an immediate divorce.

  7. Eeeeeewwww, yuck! Now that is some serious love right there. If your husband ever complains about anything you do, you have to remind him that you're probably one of a handful of wives who cut their hubby's toenails.Not exactly what you had imagined when you took your vows, though, huh? I admire you!!!

  8. Jennifer – that is above and beyond the call of matronly duty my friend. There is not a sum large enough to compensate me for going near Andy's toenails. He has the one rogue toenail that I am always harping on him to trim. But I'll be damned if I'm going to do it for him. And how flexible do you need to be exactly to cut your own toenails? That's a lame excuse if ever I heard one.

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