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Doing The Bump

I’m noticing that there are a lot of skinny pregnant women out there, who look like they just stuffed their shirts with basketballs.

What are they doing, and where did I go wrong?

When I was pregnant, I’d hit seven months and my body would swell up to gargantuan proportions – including my nose! We’re talking Karl Malden here, people.

Karl Malden

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Okay, sure, it didn’t help that my appetite kicked it into high gear in month seven, or that I believed my mind when it told me that working out was useless since I was going to gain weight anyway. But still! How is it possible for these women to look normal except for their bumps?

Capital B, Boring.

My question today:

Which one were you when you were preggers:

Skinny/Normal Body
Swollen/Crazy Lumberjack Body?


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41 thoughts on “Doing The Bump”

  1. I was in the middle… I was about 40 lbs overweight to begin with (so not skinny), and gained a total of 25 lbs… up until month 8, I was cute. The last 4 or 6 weeks were terrible. I gained 10 of the 25 lbs, and the swelling took over. I'm glad she came out !!!

  2. Hmmm..Baby #1 I gained a 100 pounds! YES A 100! He weighed in at 11 lbs 7ozBaby #2 I gained 75 pounds and he weighed in at 10 lbs 2 oz.Baby # 3 I gained 82 lbs and he was my smallest at 8 lbs 8 oz.I ATE to my heart content.. now look at me!I gave birth to MUTANTS!

  3. With my first, I was the little, thin lady with a bump. You could barely tell I was pregnant from behind. I looked back so fondly when I was pregnant with #2, because I was a whale. I grew sideways, frontways, all ways. Sadly, I started growing huge and by 6 months people thought I was due any day.

  4. I was pretty sick through both pregnancies and so I did not gain a ton of weight. This was not a good thing and the 2nd pregnancy my daughter was very worried.

  5. I was overweight to begin with on both pregnancies. There were times at the end of both that you may not know I was pregnant. If the boys were in just the right spot I did not have pregnant look. Both times I lost a lot of weight at the start of my time and in the end only gained 10 pounds. Once the kids were born I had a loss of 20+ pounds.

  6. I was overweight w/ both of my babies. The first one I gained 18lb & had a 9ob 15oz boy. The second one I gained nothing but had a 8lb 12oz girl 9 days early. You bet I looked like a lumberjack! As a matter of fact, Hubby came back from a military mission & I was 6 months pregnant w/ son. His first comment was Holy Crap, you're HUGE! Nice one.

  7. I gained 40 pounds with both of my kids AND I was being careful with my diet and exercise—or so I thought! Those last 2 months I was absolutely feeling like a Swollen/Crazy Lumberjack Momma! Yep, good times!

  8. Well, I actually lost weight in my first trimester which was not good because I am already a pretty thin gal! I didn't think so, but a lot of people told me I was a cute pregnant lady because I was so small with just a big belly!

  9. I was small. I've always been thin and I guess I was like the women you saw – just a bump in front. I didn't realize I looked so small until I saw my SIL who was having twins around the same time!

  10. Oh hugs!! I had both sister love!! My first I looked like I just had a huge alien on my belly and then with the twins…HUMONGOUS!! I mean I was like Violet from Willy Wonka! Swollen, fat, and non stop eating.I couldn't even fit in XL prego clothes..I might as well have been barefoot, naked, and pregnant I was so miserable! But hey…we have these sexy bodies now for these little beauties that we love!Muwah!Karie

  11. With my son I was fat all over and had lots of swelling. I was much luckier (and healthier) with my daughter, and gained 1/3 the amount of weight, mostly all in the belly.

  12. LOL what a great question! I have wondered the same thing about women…I am a sweller! My feet were sausages…my nose changes….my butt can't fit in pants….OH SHEESH…..I saw a skinny pregnant lady at the pool the other day and saw GREEN LOL

  13. As soon as my body discovered it was pregnant, I LOOKED four months pregnant! People always asked if I was having twins; gained 53 pounds, lost 75, next one gained 43, lost 50. So even though I broke the 200 mark the first time, I was thinner after having the babies than before. But, all this skin, and stretch marks, and cellulite…yeah, I birthed healthy babies…I am blessed!!

  14. I was the crazy lumberjack type myself. Even though I couldn't keep food down during all the trimesters, I gained a ton of weight all over. I always looked in envy at those simple bump in front types.Jeanvisiting from follow me club

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  16. Swollen lumberjack here! I got pregnant for the first time at age 40 and my midwife warned me that the weight gain wouldn't just show up in my belly, but across my back, arms, etc. Unfortunately, she wasn't wrong. And I'm still working on getting rid of it all.

  17. UGHH, I am the lumberjack for sure, LOL!! When I was pregnant with my twins I gained 19 pounds of fluid in 2 weeks, I was enormous at the end!!!This time around I am not swollen and I have only gained 10 pounds, but I an far from thin and most people are surprised I am pregnant which leads me to believe they think I am just FAT and that my big belly is maybe a beer gut??? Either way not flattering,LOL!!!!

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