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Two things about me: I like to eat and I live in the buffet capital of the world. But here’s another piece of information to throw into the mix: whenever I have guests in town, I like to bring them to a buffet restaurant at least once during their visit. Call it my dutifulness as a hostess, providing a ‘must do’ Las Vegas experience for my guests. …Or just call me hungry.

A couple weeks ago, my mom was in town for a week-long visit. And when I tell you we ate at a buffet restaurant every day of that week, I’m not lying.

It got so bad, that after one particular buffet outing, all I could manage to do when we got home was change into my pajamas, stare at my baby boy for a minute, then roll over and fall asleep on the couch. It was the only thing that helped my swollen, aching belly from exploding.



My question today:

What is your buffet ‘style’? Do you eat with restraint or do you eat till you almost pop?


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27 thoughts on “Buffet”

  1. I used to LOVE buffets til I saw a person sneeze into a bowl of something and walk off and then I watched someone else take a scoop out of that bowl and put it on their plate. BLEH! lol.Now…if I go to a buffet,, I sit and stalk the person bringing out the fresh pans and get into the line first. ha ha I have a very hearty appetite!

  2. i LOVE to eat. so i can probably get around 2 plates of food and 1 plate of dessert. im very frugal, so if i go to a buffet, i am GOING to get my money's worth, even if i leave with my pant buttons unbuttoned. :)

  3. Buffets scare me..all those people hovering over food you are going to eat…I just think germs..and bacteria..but that is probably largely in part to Ezra. I stray from the buffet :) lol that rhymes.

  4. If I know Im goin to a buffet I plan for it. I eat light ALL day…it helps.But I have to say I go to a buffet maybe once a year…there is just so much food that no one could possibly eat it all, but we try right? LOL Have a great weekend! :)

  5. I eat with restraint at buffets—ugh, how I hate that super full uncomfortable feeling!And I'll go along with Kiki~~~I love breakfast/brunch buffets the bestsine generally they offer healthy foods. (well kinda')Aloha!

  6. I hate buffets. I feel like to get my money's worth I have to eat until my stomach is expanding outward! Then I go home feeling so sick…..Yuck, buffets :)

  7. I like buffets from time to time because they allow me to try things that I would not always get a chance to have. With that said I have learned how to eat at them and still be comfortable. When we were in Las Vegas years ago we loved the Buffet at Mandalay Bay.

  8. My eyes are still very buffet-oriented. In fact, I sometimes think I missed my calling as a competitive eater! However, my stomach has turned against me, and being overly full is no longer an experience to enjoy, but instead makes me feel like I need to visit the ER. And now that I read that sneezing thing from the other comment, I may just never eat out again!

  9. I LOVE buffets!I totally eat until I can't eat anymore. I want to get my money's worth you see.We sometimes will go to Golden Corral and I'll go up for regular food two times. And then I load my plate up with a sample of every dessert they have out.

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