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Poolside At Trump International Tower

This past weekend, a girlfriend of mine was in town on business and stayed at the Trump International Tower Hotel. Unfortunately, she had to leave early, and wasn’t able to use (or get a refund) on her last night. Sooo, she let us use it!


We couldn’t spend the night there – HBL had to work the next morning – but we did spend the day relaxing in the room and at the pool.

Bonus: The hotel is across the street (we’re talking a couple yards away!) from Fashion Show Mall. Specifically, the entrance to Nordstrom. Guess who made me avert my eyes?

See? Close, huh?

Looking up, from the pool
Where are all the people? In the pool!

With the economy the way it is, the casinos are offering locals some serious discounts on rooms – sometimes going for fifty bucks a night! So, hey! We figure that that’s just as much as we spend on a dinner for two. Why not use the money to hang out in a lux room and enjoy the pool for a day?

Sometimes, it does not suck to live in Vegas.

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22 thoughts on “Poolside At Trump International Tower”

  1. I am dying to go to Vegas..hubby keeps promising for our 10th anniversary..Is ir dreadfully hot there?? are you used to the heat??I reall love the pix..what a nice little getaway…

  2. yeah.. I'd totally dig hanging out in a cool hotel room and swimming pool… I'd so be there.. :)Too bad the room service wasn't on the house…. I LOVE room service. *gr*

  3. It's beautiful for all the years my moms lived there I only see the strip up close walking close.Then out I go when it gets too crazy LOLLUCKY DUCK

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