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Hoover Dam

I love visiting this place. You never know how massive it is until you’re standing there, looking down. If you ever make a trip out to Vegas, you should make this one of the must-see places you visit.

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31 thoughts on “Hoover Dam”

  1. I've been to Vegas once and my husband and I said, "The next time we come, we are seeing the Hoover Dam and The Grand Canyon." It is breath-taking!!! Happy WW!

  2. I always love going to Vegas, and the sad part.. I've NEVER BEEN to Hoover Dam!I'm going. that's IT!Aug 28th I'll be up there call me! Or better yet wait till ya come to LA, and we'll do lunch!Got Simone in Cali, me in Cali, girl we're going to be spending a few lunch dates together. LOL

  3. Been to Vegas several times and not once, have gone to the dam. Excellent pics. My husband and I have a baby boy, but we have a pup who's a girl, so we're a little more evened out in our family.

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