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Will Workout For Food

Is it bad that the only way I can manage to get myself to exercise is with the promise of food after my workout?

Since coming back from our mini-vacation, I have had a heck of a time getting back into the groove of things. Namely, eating sensibly and working out. My excuse? I just don’t feel like it.

The only thing that is prodding me into at least throwing in “30-Day Shred” into the DVD player (too lazy to drive to the gym), is the promise of my most favorite yogurt and berry post-workout meal. Just the idea of having some now is making my mouth water.

Does my food reward defeat the purpose of working out? Well, I would have to say no – for my own ego and stomach’s sake (if you think otherwise, kindly keep it to yourself, as I enjoy living in denial). So, I’m sitting here, pining away for yogurt, but too lazy to get up and sweat for it.

What. A. Pickle.

… Hey! Pickles…

Will Workout For Food

This is a picture of neither yogurt nor pickles.

17 thoughts on “Will Workout For Food”

  1. I could totally relate until you said you crave yogurt and berries after a workout. That, to me, is healthy living at its finest! I would pay big bucks if I could make myself crave healthy food!How long have you been doing the shred? I'm considering restarting but need to know it works!

  2. Yogurt & berries–come on, what's the problem? That's a healthy snack! It's not like you're rewarding yourself with Mexican food or a bag of cookies. ;)

  3. The past few months of stress had added 12 pounds into my once petite body…I can't fit on any of my clothes!I have to work out first thing in the morning but I end up JUST working out my fingers Instant messaging and blogging and hoping for a bagel in a few hours.BUT I really have to challenge myself starting today…maybe in a few hours!At least you're just having yogurt, I'm munching every minute!Did you say yogurt and pickles – hhmmm…are you sure you're not baking anything in your oven ??Good luck, girlfriend!

  4. Boo, that is a natural progression. Working out and Eating right is hard when you go away and don't do it, and tease yourself with amazing food. You just have to bite the bullet, no excuses, and jump back in head first. Easier said then done…GOODLUCK and I Miss You!

  5. Working out is working out, no matter what you eat in my book! You are about ten steps ahead of me. I definitely need to hit the gym – before I look like an overgrown Oompa Loompa!

  6. No, you want to eat back some of the calories you burn off. If you eat 1200 a day and burn off 200, you are below what is healthy. If you eat 1200 and burn off 200 and then eat back about 150 with your yogurt and berries (and healthy choice) then you have a 50 calories deficit and that will help you lose the weight. So promising yourself a treat after, as long as it's healthy, is ok.Now if I could just unwrap my Shred DVD I'd be in the game!

  7. Hey it all sounds good to me! I just walked/ran for 45 min today and couldn't help myself; stuffed Doritos in my mouth when I got home! Sigh. Keep it up w/ yogurt and berries…you can do it!

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