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Hello, Operator?

Thank you, Sprint. When I attempted to call my husband this afternoon, how did you know that I didn’t actually want to speak with him, but with any old, random man instead? Cool! I love dialing my husband’s number, but getting to talk to a complete stranger! There’s nothing that can compare to stumbling through apologies and figuring out what could possibly have happened through the ‘ums’ and ‘ohs’.

What is going on over there, Sprint? Are you taking control of your customer service and reverting back to the days of the switchboard operator? Good for you! After the stranger and I finished exchanging mutual apologies – he was trying to call a friend, I was trying to call Hubs – we found that the numbers we were both calling were neither similar, nor in the same area code! You know that I never direct dial HBL’s cell (too lazy), but hit speed dial instead, and still, we got crossed signals. You have truly outdone yourselves.

Since I have been contemplating changing carriers (to get the iPhone), you guys sure have been going out of your way to keep me on board. Here, let’s share:

• Where I sit on my couch will determine whether or not I get service. And yes, one inch counts. Oh Sprint, how kind of you to keep me from sitting still. No lazy Sprint customers, huh?

• When I drive down that same road almost every day, I never know on any given day, if I will be able to receive calls or not. Way to keep me on my toes!

• Sitting in my car – parked and not moving – you guys weren’t sure whether or not to give me service in that specific location. So, my phone beeped, while the screen flashed between “Out of Network Service” and “Entering Sprint Service” for fifteen minutes straight. Fun times

• Dropped calls are so fun. Especially when you finally get through to an operator after being on hold for ten minutes

Boy, do you guys mean business. Awesome.

11 thoughts on “Hello, Operator?”

  1. I have Sprint, too, and yeah, it can be annoying. Being 14 and on vacation all summer, whenever I'm lying down on my mattress watching TV, it makes me stand up for a signal. Ugh.

  2. Sprint is the worst! I had them before switching to t-mobile, I hated them. Their customer service is the worst ever. Go with the iPhone, they are awesome!

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