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Dear Mr. Dishwasher

Dear Mr. Dishwasher,

I just got back to the couch from visiting you this afternoon. My marathon kitchen cleaning and organizing today would have been nothing without you and Mr. Garbage Can.

I can hear your faint whirring, rinsing off the filthy kitchen accoutrement that I’ve stuffed you full of.

You are so hard working.

You let me fill you up with all the dirty, grimy pots and pans I could squeeze in, so that I don’t have to stand at the sink for an hour, scrubbing and getting prune fingers.

You are so accepting.

And what do I get, besides an hour of my time back and soft hands? Clean dishes! You give me clean dishes in all your long-suffering ways.

You are so generous.

I couldn’t do it without you Dishwasher. You. Complete me.

17 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Dishwasher”

  1. Wow…I've never really thought about this. I guess in this modern world of tech we take things forgranted. It's so true though….I have way more time on myhands when our dishwasher does the job..especially since our works over time running for like 2 hrs lol. Even though I've been helping us save mor emoney on our light bill and washing more dishes myself there are days when I just need to use the dishwasher and I am also grateful!

  2. I have a Bum Dishwasher. We are in counseling, since I can't get rid of Bum Dishwasher because of contractual tangles. I wish your Dishwasher would talk to my Dishwasher…would make my life that much more fulfilling.

  3. My dishwasher hates me? It cleans them about 90 percent of the way and the remaining 10 percent is just enough so that I have to rewash it. My Mr. Dishwasher does not complete me.

  4. Just wondering, Does your dishwasher have a brother?Mine has caught the seven year itch, and has decided to spit the soap back onto the dishes after they're rinsed.I'm getting the divorce papers ready right after this post.

  5. now if only there was an appliance to clean the rest of the house..I love my dishwasher too… make sure you give him a little somethign extra special tonight… like plates dirty from pie or cake…

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