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Babies ‘R (Not) Us

Look, I know. M. Onkey is technically a toddler now. Like, I know this. But please, please, please, will you? Will you please let me continue to call him a baby? Huh? HUH?

So he walks now. And eats regular table food. I get it, he’s a toddler.

He’s more than a year old now. Past that precious first year of life. I get it, he’s a toddler.


The other day, I was shopping at Babies ‘R Us. While I was minding my own business, I happened to notice an older woman (a new grandmother, at that) pushing her grandchild in a stroller.

Grandma was beaming with pride, obviously. Well, when we finally crossed paths, she cooed to her grandchild, “Look, sweetheart! Another b…” (looks into my carriage) “… oh… he’s… big.”

Code for: Your ‘baby’ is not a real baby; he’s a kid now. Stop with the pretending, lady!

Then she just walked away. She might as well have said my Monkey was U.G.L.Y.


10 thoughts on “Babies ‘R (Not) Us”

  1. Abs is 2 and I still call her a baby or the baby, since she's the youngest one in the house…pretty sure this will continue forever!It can be a bit sad going into BRU without a tiny baby…Target just started selling a certain type of diaper (which was my only reason for still having to visit BRU) and I'm kind of happy sad about it…

  2. Well mine are now 20,19,17,16,16,and 8 and they are still babies. They still need me everyday to fix this or that or doctor this or that.I married at 16 and thought I was grown,but now I look at my babies and they are still my babies.I don't know how my mom handled her baby getting married. It's amazing how things change when it's your child:) I use to think the same thing.

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