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So Fresh And So Clean

"Lake View" | So Fresh And So Clean by LifeDarling.com
Don’t be alarmed by what I am about to tell you. Just know that you are safe, since you’re on the other side of this computer screen:

I just finished taking a shower.

It was my first since Tuesday.

Listen. I don’t know how it happened, I swear! Wednesday rolled around and I was so busy doing ten thousand loads of laundry, I figured, “Eh, I’ll just shower tomorrow.”

Then Thursday comes along and I was so busy running around doing errands and cleaning my house from top to bottom, that by the time I had time to shower, it was bedtime and I was pooped! I felt gross – especially since I did all that cleaning – but you know how when you’re so exhausted, your eyes start crossing? That was me!

Well, here it is, Friday, and I am FINALLY scrubbed clean. The worst part is? That wasn’t the longest I’ve ever not showered.

Let me tell you about my time in college…

My question today:

What’s the longest you’ve gone without a shower?

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33 thoughts on “So Fresh And So Clean”

  1. Two days and it drove me crazy. Our power was out and our well went out so we had no water. Day three I went to the YMCA and took a shower. I hated it but we had no power for 1 full week.

  2. After I had my boys I refused to take a shower in the hospital. I had taken one right before I left in labor and when I got back home 2 days later. Sometimes these things just happen.

  3. Yeah, camping takes the prize, but I am at the two day mark too when I am in a cleaning frenzy, sick, etc. It's part of being a busy mom, you're in good company!Aww my verification word is "audge"! My daughter's nickname! wow!

  4. 1 week while I was away @ girl's camp. This was a recurring nightmare (no shower) that would happen every summer for 6 yrs. Just kidding. I actually loved girl's camp. It was so much fun.

  5. A few days – but I'm not usually don't anything overly strenuous either, but I only wash my hair once a week – if I do it more often it gets really really dry.Have a great weekend!Robinmark-it-with-a-b.blogspot.com live-whole-food.blogspot.comanimalfairrescue.blogspot.com

  6. One day! You know, like one 24 hour period, I swear it's true! I'm in the shower in the morning AND then again at night. We use alot of soap in this house……hee!hee!

  7. ugggh…I shudder to think about it, but a week. I was in the hospital during my pregnancy with M and confined to bed for 2 weeks. After a week they let me get up and shower and then again before I went home.

  8. At the beginning of my pregnancy I was SO sick, I was actually hospitalized several times! I went almost a week without showering, but it was because I could barely move!

  9. LMAO funny post! I would say a day and that was because I was camping! We were close to home so I actually had hubby drive me to our house to shower and then back to the campsite. The site had shower stalls, but there is just something so unappealing about getting naked when spiders are hanging over the top! YUCK!There are times I get so exhausted that even a shower seems like an overwhelming effort, but I can't stand myself and rinse off QUICKLY.

  10. Probably 4 days when I was in the hospital on bedrest when I was pregnant with Cole and Bella. I felt so gross and finally begged the nurse to let me shower. Nowadays, I get up before the kids wake up and shower and then sometimes I'll shower before bed. I'm a clean freak I guess! Glad you finally got your shower!! I bet it was so refreshing!

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