School's In!
Aloha Friday

School’s In!

My little monkey boy is going bananas. Seriously. He is getting really good at throwing himself on the ground in a fit of frustration if he:

A.) Doesn’t get what he wants
B.) Has something taken from him
C.) Is not tended to IMMEDIATELY

School's In!

… Hmmm… You can’t send a one-year-old to Kindergarten, can you?

My question today:

What are you looking forward to doing now that your child(ren) is back in school?

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog
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15 thoughts on “School’s In!”

  1. Thank you for your link. Hey I would like to see your pet rock posted,maybe on Wordless Wednesday.
    Our School starts up this Monday the 31st. I am looking forward to just a day of Quiet with no running here and there. Or answering questions every hour on the hour,lol.

  2. My 3 year old goes to school 3 days a week for 3 hours each time and I'm gearing up for my daughter to begin this same schedule soon! I will be kind of sad BUT, on the bright side, I'll have 3 whole hours 3 days a week to myself. Whoopee! I'll probably spend more time at the gym…..oh and shop more! Hopefully I won't clean more as well.

  3. Well, I only have 2 in school and that's only 3 hours a day in kindergarten. And I still have the other 2 at home with me so there's not really too much I've been doing, other than "same old, same old". In about 3 years, I'll have them all in school full-time and then I'm looking forward to getting some serious house projects done!!!

  4. Well, being that my only school aged child was gone all summer at her fathers in WA, I'm kinda sad she has to start school.Wish I could have more time to do things with her before it starts on the 8th.Thanks for stoppin by!Dawn

  5. You'll have to read my most recent post to see how I am feeling…well, good luck trying to make sense of it. If you are successful in extracting a coherently constructed thought from my ramblings, please tell me, as I was delirious when I wrote it, and I would like to know what I said. *drooling*

  6. School doesn't start for us until next week, but I'm glad to go back to one on one time with my girls. Time for Abs in the morning and time for M in afternoon during Abs' nap. Just such a nice feeling to be able to pay complete attention to one and do what they are interested in. Oh, and having one child to tote on errands is not a bad result of school, either!

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