Derivative of "Toddler Cell Phone Toy" by grammatot via Flickr
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Monkey See, Monkey Do

My little baby monkey boy is now at the stage where he’s observing every single thing my husband and I do. And he’s also starting to copy us! On one hand, it’s adorable watching him mimic us. On the other, however, it’s like looking into a mirror and not liking what you see. One thing he’s been doing is talking non-stop on a toy cell phone. Oh, and he sure does know how to ‘yell’ at the dogs when they try to steal food.

Derivative of "Toddler Cell Phone Toy" by grammatot via Flickr

Derivative of “Toddler Cell Phone Toy” (c) grammatot | CC BY-SA 2.0 | Flickr

One thing he’s been doing is “talking” non-stop on a toy cell phone – oh, and he sure does know how to ‘yell’ at the dogs when they try to steal food! Now, it’s a toss up between my husband and I on who’s to blame for the hollering at the dogs… but the cell phone? Pffttt! I’m guilty where I stand!

Besides curtailing my cell phone usage, I’m going to have to start paying attention to what I say because my boy’ll is turning into a Parrot…

My question today:

What does your child(ren) do that they’ve learned from watching you?

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25 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

  1. We do have to watch our mouths around lil' D. He is a repeater, big time. We get in trouble with the grandparents. We have taught him some good things: blowing his nose, cleaning up, getting dressed and putting shoes on, rinsing with flouride and brushing teeth, how to work the tv and remotes, and many other skills. Aloha and take care.-Kiki

  2. My son copies a lot of things that I do. It's kind of annoying. lol I've seen him change channels during commercials back and forth and it gets on my nerves. But apparently I do it and don't realize how annoying it is!

  3. At 3 and 1 1/2, my kids copy and do SO much of what the hubs and I do that it is scary! And kinda' cute! Funny you mentioned "parrot" as that is what I call my 1 1/2 daughter right now—My Little Parrot! She is quite the copycat in her words and in her actions! My 3 year old son has the same mannerisms that my hubby has which I find kind of sweet.And sometimes annoying…..((smile)) Who knew genes had so much to do with the way a person IS!Regardless of all that, we are both absolutely careful about what we say around both of them or else everyone would know our business—-Ha! Ha!

  4. My two year old is also in complete copy-cat mode. If I pick up the phone he grabs his pretend phone or anything else and answers his along with me. Then he will nod and shake his head while chatting with someone like me. Now if only it was just that and not the antics of his 6 year old brother.Oh and last night the little guy copied hubby when he reprimanded our older son.

  5. Even though my daughter is only 2 months old, I swear she has definitely picked up some facial expressions from me. I do this thing my husband calls my "mad face" where I kind of scrunch of my eyes and I get this weird wrinkle thing in between my eyes above my noes. My daughter does the EXACT same face!

  6. Oh, great…you just HAD to ask that question! oldest daughter loves Facebook! My eldest son procrastinates!My youngest daughter knows how to milk things!I can go on and on, but now I'm feeling like I need to change! LOL!

  7. It is just amazing what they pick up!! Monkey sounds so adorable, he is getting older now and chatting on cellphones already, WOW!! The boys are into repeating things I say which ranges from putting each other in time out to complaining about made up illnesses, the other day one of the boys told Hubby he had a headache and swollen ankles, LOL!!!

  8. Oh its definitely swearing. I'm no angel so I try to employ the do as I say and not as I do rule whenever I can. Swearing falls into this category. My oldest knows better, but the middle guy, he says "what the hell" and "you suck" to ME all the time. I know thats not really swearing but I think its just a matter of time until the eff word comes out!

  9. My boys are huggers. I hug them a lot…so they hug everyone. My 2 year old sings a lot and mimics using her ipod. Guilty as charged. Have it on now! Oh and I taught her to say crap the other day when I burned my hand on my flat iron! Now I am in training to say Holy Smokes instead!

  10. Ha! Just the other day, Abs told M to chillax. It was hysterical, since I say it as a joke. M like to use my words against me. She's 4, and is really into rules, so any sort of rule (No, throwing, raising your voice, etc.) that I might break, she is right there to play hall monitor…

  11. I do the funny dance – spontaneous! I actually did it today before I went out for walk with my dh. My IPOD had Prince on..I had a tough night and I just wanted to just relieve stress..The whole day, my 13yo is doing the same dance!

  12. My kids are really good at repeating things they shouldn't….at the most inopportune times, of course. But sometimes it's funny….like this one time when Cole refused to clean up a puzzle he was working on so I put it in a ziploc bag and put it away where he couldn't find it again. He started crying and said, "Mommy, I'll clean it up next time I promise" and Bella pointed her finger at him and said, "Ya should'a thought about that BEFORE the fact". I just stood there with my jaw on the floor…OMG, I do say that!!

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