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Fashion Crimes

Fashion Crimes by
Since Facebook is cruel, and the people I am ‘friends’ with are even crueler, I have been forced to come face-to-face with some of the questionable fashion and hair choices I have made in the past.

People insist on posting old pictures – blackmail, in my opinion – and as painful as it is to revisit those times, I have to admit that if feels great seeing that I wasn’t the only one to have gone through four years of “awkward”: the people who so easily post the pictures are also the similarly dressed people standing next to me.

My question today:

What is the worst fashion/hair crime you’ve ever committed?

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27 thoughts on “Fashion Crimes”

  1. When my best friend started coloring her hair, I had to dye mine, too. In the beginning it was only the best brands you could buy at the store – but as time went on, and money dwindled, I went for the cheap stuff. What I saw in my mind was a shimmery copper color, but what everyone else saw on my head as absolute carrot orange instead of my natural blonde. Sadly, there are pictures. Sigh.

  2. In 7th grade my best friend was a blonde, I am a brunette. I wanted to be blonde so she brought over her bottle of Sun-In and went to town on my head. You spray it on dry hair and blow dry. After she finished my flowing locks were bright orange, not sunset orange, but Tang orange. I had to be in a wedding in a bright pink dress with that hair. My mom punished me after by cutting my hair off to a bob and I had to have the color grow out. Mortified. My school picture is evidence. Aloha and take care.-Kiki

  3. I bleached my hair once as I wanted really light hair. Once the bleach wore out and my hair went dark again I was told over and over again how much better it looked.

  4. When I was in 4th grade my mother convinced me to feather my hair. The girl cut it too short and the darn thing looked like spikes. I was way ahead of my time. That was the last time I had bands and allowed mom to try to get me to do things.

  5. Oh girl…this is an easy one! I was a sophomore, and I had that hairstyle that was short, really short all over, but the top was long, so my hair was really high!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to post that one soon…lol!Hey..find me on FB (if you're comfortable) Gabat Minyard

  6. Oh there are so many. I am not into fashion, I prefer comfort. Split ends, not wearing the latest trends (I am a SAHM, I love yoga pants), I do not were high heels, I do not paint my fingernails or toenails I do not wear make-up…the list is endless….

  7. i don't think it was a "crime" because we were just doing what was supposedly fashionable at the time. but looking back and seeing it in pictures, it sure can make one cringe.i think the clothes in the 80s were the worse.

  8. I too was a victim of the 80's perm. Strangely enough all photographic proof of me with the hairstyle are missing. I have no idea what could have happened to them ;p

  9. It would have to be that perm I had in high school. I thought I was so cool at the time but now I'm too embarrassed to even look at my yearbook photos!

  10. Oh lord. I had a "step-cut" back in 6th grade, like 1992. It was the cut of boys and I got it. My super curly hair took off and made a mushroom explosion on my head. So bad….Anyone ever wear a bodysuit?? It was like a leotard/onesie for adults?? Yeah…those were bad too.

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