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Snow Day

The hot weather here in Vegas is making me wish for the cold, bleary days of winter:

Now, I’m sure you east coasters are rolling your eyes, thinking, “You call that a snow storm? Puh-lease!” Hey! Of course it’s a snow storm! This is Las Vegas we’re talking about, after all!

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33 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. I love the snow. Everytime Spring hits I fear Summer that is around the corner. I love Fall and Winter.Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  2. LOL that's SNOW to me! Living in So. Cal we don't get anything near snow.. frost, ice, but hardly snow in my small town. 3 inches? yup it;s SNOW!!!

  3. I can't see it…what snow?? ;-)signed, MA mom who had 12 snow days this year and lost power for a week due to ice and snow. And who is extremely jealous of anyone not dealing with New England Winters!

  4. Haha, I lived in Vegas the past 10 years, and it IS blazing right now! I appreciated that snow day off from school, though. What was that, Dec. 16th…?I think last July, it reached a record 115 degrees F here! :o

  5. My dad lives in Vegas and he was just telling me how hot the weather was there. I was like, "yeah, I'm in Northern CA, Dad….we're about the same temp as you all are". But then he had to point out that HE'S in the desert. Okay, so he's got me on that one….

  6. I'll tell ya…I don't know how you guys survive the HOT summers out there….(Im just not a fan of really hot weather!!)Pretty good snow for LV though…the kids must have LOVED it! :)

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