Wordless Wednesday

The Package

Don’t dogs have a keen sense of smell?

When a package containing some giveaway winnings arrived (YES! I won something!), two fur balls were positioned just so:

My Theory? They were commiserating over who was going to distract the human and who was going to grab the cookie jar out of the box.

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14 thoughts on “The Package”

  1. I love receiving packages!! I get excited when I see a package addressed to me, even though it's something that I'd been expecting (e.g. stuff ordered, etc.). How much more if it's a surprise package? LOL!

  2. LOL, Did one distract while the other ate? or were all of them involved taking Monkey with them on their mission? heh heh. I can see all 3 of them trying to get those cookies!

  3. LOL…My dogs will eat through anything if food is on the inside. This summer I have lost two kids back packs and a diaper bag because they contained a very small amount of candy.

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