Wordless Wednesday

How To Get 80s Hair Without The Effort

Wanna know how you can get an eighties hairdo without any of the back combing or hair spray?


1. Get some bangs
2. Wash your hair
3. Go to bed with wet hair
4. Fall asleep with your face stuffed into the pillow
5. Wake up

Voilà! You now have eighties hair:

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33 thoughts on “How To Get 80s Hair Without The Effort”

  1. Thanks for the instructions on how to get that awesome 80’s ‘do. It’s almost Flock Of Seagulls style. Totally diggin’ it. Have a wonderful day and take care.

  2. Ohhhhh, I need a wash and wear style myself, do you think it will make me look dated? Or can I pull it off with all of the retro stuff going on?

  3. LOL Okay….my blog hopping around SITS roll call today has developed into a comedy show. I love it. The hair is FAB. Please tell me you've got a guitar strapped around you right now.

  4. Oh yeah, that look takes me back….if only it was actually that easy to get those bangs when I was 14 years old. Now it seems to take no effort at all…

  5. Love your answer…What do you collect? Sanrio and fat cells. LOL. Hello Kitty and constant dieting. Me too!BTW, Vegas was effin' HOT!!! Back in breezy Orange County.Thanks for stopping by!Ms CupcakeZen Cupcake

  6. And THAT, my friend, is why I ditched my bangs after the '80's – damn things had a mind of their own even without the sleeping with wet hair treatment. In fact, I think your photo bangs look better than my intentionally styled bangs ever did!

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