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This billboard is mild compared to what’s plastered on the mobile billboards in this town. Nonetheless, it’s one reason I’m glad my son isn’t old enough to ask me why this woman has no top on and is showing off her butt crack.

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28 thoughts on “Crack”

  1. haaa! those always crack me up! i love when i'm landing in vegas and there's a huge billboard with the thunder from down under! i always crack up!

  2. How sad is it that our society thinks soft core porn is OK?! *sigh.even if I had a great body, I;d not flaunt it, maybe I'm a prude?LOL, I'm ok with that too..heh heh

  3. Yeah, I don't look forward to trying to shield my son's eyes from stuff like that. Bad enough I have to walk through the mall and turn his head when we walk by some of the window displays. They wonder why so many kids are growing up over-sexed these days…it's everywhere.

  4. This post made me smile, my friend. It also does beg the question, how does a boy celebrate his 18th or 21st birthday in your fair city? I believe in keeping my kids indoors as long as possible. Stuff like this is everywhere we seem to roam. -Francesca

  5. Start thinking up some great "mommy responses" NOW!!! The questions will come before you know it and it's always good to be armed with some great comebacks ~~~ the trick is to never let the little ones see you sweat! Great WW pic!

  6. We had worse billboards than that in Latin America. . . not to mention the prostitutes on the street corners. Fortunately my husband took it upon himself to teach our son to respect women despite what the society around us was doing. . .

  7. We were driving down the strip with our boys and I don't know what show it was but it had a large g-stringed butt. My son Jake said "I saw a butt!" we ignored it adn kept driving. Later Chase said "I saw the butt! I saw the butt!" That's when my husband suggested we get off the strip.

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