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What’s Going On?!

Oh, friends. My poor blog is suffering from neglect. Meme heavy, infrequent posting – ugh! – it’s enough to make a grown woman cry! Maybe it’s the mood in the blogosphere, maybe it’s my inadequate time management skills. Maybe it’s that real life is just so busy. Any way you hack it, the posts here have been slim pickings. My sincerest apologies to you, dear readers!

While I’m working out my new bloggy format and posting schedule, things may not update around here as frequently as I’d like. But, I’ll still be visiting your blogs, reading up on your fabulous lives, and trying to comment as much as humanly possible.

And with that, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday will be a list of some of the things in my life that are keeping me away from my blog.


Top Ten Things Keeping Me From Posting Regularly by

Top Ten Things Keeping Me From Posting Regularly

  1. Fatigue – It takes a lot to squeeze out thoughts onto virtual paper
  2. Monkey Man and his mobility – AAGGGHHHH!!!
  3. The fact that everything in my house is covered in food and needs to be cleaned everyday
  4. Writing – other than blog posts
  5. A serious workout life. Yes, I have regained my Gym Monkey status
  6. Planning my vacation back home to California in two weeks – YIPPEE!
  7. Sweeping up piles and piles of dog hair – BTW, when I got my two shorthaired doggies, I got them because I didn’t want shedding. Guess what? Shorthaired doggies shed, too
  8. Sleep – well, actually, the pursuit of sleep. This whole new “healthy living” thing I’m doing? It’s forcing me to get to bed at a decent hour, keeping me from those couple of hours that I usually use for writing my blog posts! Boooo! But Yaaaay! Because I’m getting SOME sleep!
  9. Social life – Again, this healthy living plan I’m following is forcing me to get some control over my inner-hermit: I’m getting out there to socialize again
  10. A four-letter word: L. A. Z. Y.

I love memes. Wait, you too? WE’RE TWINS! Why not take a break and play Top Ten, then? If you blog, grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (you can use mine!), post it on your blog, and leave your link in the comments below. If you don’t blog, play along by leaving your list in the comments, too!
Have fun!

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19 thoughts on “What’s Going On?!”

  1. boo, I do miss your blog, however, I'm so happy your gyming, the little boo is walking, and you are sleeping! YAY, that makes me so so happy. Not to mention your vaca….YAY, I miss you, but it's all good!

  2. Awwww. :S Maybe it IS the mood in the blogosphere. I haven't felt like posting much lately, either… But I think I'll go make a Top Ten post. :) Maybe that'll be inpsiring.

  3. Girl I hear ya!I am repeatedly performing CPR on my blog, for everyday I fear it is dying. But me too, working out, being social, lazy, stupid &%#&@%$!#$%$ Twitter AND the intense need to get my life and my loved ones' lives organized, all these things are crowding out my love of commenting and posting. I even have a blog post idea just waiting to be born, can you believe that???We will all be sticking around…let's count down to fall, and turkey. Well, I love counting down to turkey, but I think as the weather cools we will all once again cozy up with our lappys and warm drinks, blogging away.Caffeine is making me overly wordy.

  4. Never realized that blogging could be hazardous to one's health, but it's true!! I go to bed really late, my bum is parked on chair in front of the computer all day…

  5. I get it! So often it can be so easy to blog away and then life hits and you say wait, I need to do this first. I find blogging an hour a day at lunch time is very helpful and I think of my posts ahead of time. I also don't post but a couple times a week. I am so jealous that you find gym time. I lost that a long time ago and just can't fit it in.

  6. Glad I am not the only one who has been neglecting the blogging. But, I love reading your updates!! It's great that you are getting into a healthy lifestyle. I so need to do that!! And I can't believe how many followers you have now- WOO HOO!!!!

  7. I feel your pain in all areas but times the sleep issues, food everywhere and kids X4 and you have my life.I had no idea your linking up..I'll link up next week!

  8. So glad to hear about your "healthy" living stuff…I so need some motivation in that area!!!You always make me smile and laugh…I appreciate that so much! So thanks and YAY for the sleep…Now Im going to bed, LOL. :)

  9. hey,I'm happy that you are out there living a life. Gym, writing, healthy living. Good for you!I'm trying the healthy eating plan… well I would if i could quit the chocolate bars. sigh.

  10. Blogging is so time consuming!! I'm a friend of the microblog too. ; ) Seems more 2009, huh? Love your blog design! Mine needs a facelift. FOR. SURE.

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